Gary Biltcliffe who came and gave a talk about his co-authored book  ‘The Spine of Albion’ recently was recorded talking further about the Dragon lines, below is the video of this talk at the Dragon festival Glastonbury 2017 – Here are the links to when Waverley dowsers visited some sites to investigate the Dragon lines […]

Great food, great company, great evening. In the deepest Surrey countryside on a warm Summer evening.   Sue, a Waverley dowsers member has a couple of fields which have shown to have been likely occupied in Roman times.   If you project the nearby marked Roman Road, on the OS map, it should pass across the corner […]

Andy Thomas will be coming to Waverely dowsers on the friday the 13th Jan 2017 at the Unitarian hall, Godalming to provide a talk on his many years of investigations into Crop Circles. Andy who runs a website called the Truth Agenda where he talks about his many years of investigating the truth behind some […]

Adrian Incledon-Webber will be providing a talk for Waverley dowsers about Geopathic Stress on the 11th November 7.30,pm until 9.30pm, so please place this in your diary, the venue will be the Broadwater Community centre at Farncombe: (Off Summers Road Farncombe Surrey GU7 3BH) Entry for members is £5, with guests paying £8, you can […]

Michael Haxeltine had a great day teaching people about Magnetic Orientation, but more of that late.. First we have the planned events for Waverley dowsers in June, all who want to come, can come. You do not need to be a member of Waverley dowsers to come to our events, but you do get discounts […]

At the Waverley dowsers evening meeting two of the groups members gave a talk based around healing oneself and others. First Ken Collinson talked about his early spiritual healing that was spontaneously channelled through him and his later journey towards discovering the abilities that all people have in providing energetic healing. While Geoff Mitchell the […]

Waverley Dowsers, Godalming; Tuesday 10th November 2015 An Evening with Gaynor Davenport; Healing Horses and Other Animals. I don’t know about you, but I’m just grateful that I can get a Yes and No response from dowsing.  Well I do get several other responses, but I’d say I was a Yes/No kind of guy at the […]

Scientists say that there are approx 2.5 million different species of (solid) creatures on Earth, what makes them think that there not at least the same amount of (incorporeal) creatures that we can’t see ? does evolution only work for ‘concentrated energy’ creatures and not for ‘energy’ creatures. This is where dowsers are at their […]

Waverley dowsers next meeting will be the 14th July 2015 when we will be dowsing a water well in Fleet Hampshire that was originally dowsed and drilled by a professional water dowser, there are many underground water flows on site so it will be fun dowsing the different depths . This will give us the […]

Recently a group of people of people from Farnborough Crondal, Godalming, Lightwater, Frimley, Woking, Fleet and Southampton met in Farnborough to explore:- • why some trees had very twisted branches which could not be accounted as vandalism or being affected by the prevailing wind • what happened to a possible fountain • what happened to […]

Here we see three Members, Ken – Frimley, Geoff- Lightwater and Michael – Northcamp looking for things of technical and fun interest for day or evening meetings of Waverley Dowsers. Here they are looking at damaged and twists in trees. If a tree is bent against the direction of the prevailing wind it is likely […]

13 January 2015 – 7.30pm A Chat about Chakras Speaker Michael Haxeltine This talk follows a session last year when Michael encouraged us to dowse for meridians in our bodies.  This time, he will talk to us about chakras – what they are, what they do, and how to see, sense and feel them.  Michael […]

Basic Dowsing Skills Training 21 February 2015 – 2pm For beginners, this 3 hour session will introduce you to simple dowsing techniques with L-rods and with pendulums.   Find out how you can apply dowsing to everyday life. Booking essential – please contact Michael Haxeltine at Venue:-  Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming GU7 3JB, (A3100 opposite […]

All of us at Waverley dowsers had all been looking forward to the visit and talk from Caroline and Gary about their book ‘The Spine of Albion’ and their journey in discovering and dowsing these two long forgotten Dragon lines, but as they unrolled the history of the British landscape and society over the path […]

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  The Waverley dowsers training session was a full house with fourteen intrepid attendees with various levels of dowsing skills but all eager to investigate the dowsing itch. With two short hours to work through a full itinerary of dowsing exercise’s and trying to find time for Michael to provide as much knowledge as possible […]

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