Waverley Dowsers have a huge mix of friends, so we would like to introduce you to them by placing their website link on this page, we hope you enjoy their content as much as we do.

The British Society of Dowsers – The home website of the British Society of Dowsers which is over 80 years old, search for a professional dowser in your area

British Dowsing Forum for dowsing and providing the news letter archives of the BSD Earth Energies Group

The Geomancy Group – The Geomancy Group, Earth energies both past, present and future.

Dowsing Spirits – Author and Health Dowser, Adrian Incledon-Webber.

Western Geomancy – Grahame Gardner former chairman of the British association of Dowsers

The Wessex Research Group – The Wessex Research Group Network, an esoteric network of information.

The Parallel Community – A community of people worldwide with the same ideas of Oneness and sustainability.

International Association of Health Dowsers – The Organisation for Light Workers and Therapists who use Dowsing in their therapies

Ridings Dowsers – Based in West Yorkshire this busy dowsing group contains several professional dowsers

Bill Holding – Bill is a professional dowser and current Chairman of the BSD Earth Energies Group

Old St Margerets Ruins – Are a dowsing group based in Norfolk near Yarmouth

Dorset Dowsers – The Dorset dowsing group is based near Corfe Mullen, Dorset

Thames Valley Dowsers – Thames Valley dowsers are based near Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire

Maria Wheatley – 2nd generation dowser and leading light of the dowsing fraternity

Sky and Landscape – Robin Heaths Megalithic investigation website

Bristol Dowsers – A long established and busy Dowsing group at the forefront of investigations

Slimbridge Dowsers –  Large and busy dowsing group in Gloucestershire with a great archive of reports

Cheltenham Dowsers – Established and experienced dowsing group in Cheltenham

Devon Dowsers – A great website with lots of interesting articles and information about dowsing

West Cornwall Dowsers – This dowsing group has the superb luck of being right in the middle of the ancient neolithic world, some great articles and information on their website

www.dowsingworx.com – Stephen Taylor is a professional Dowser who specialise’s in removing detrimental energies from homes and locations as well as finding and providing underground water sources

Waverley Dowsers Youtube channel – See video and photos of Waverley dowsers members dowsing research

New to Dowsing ? books and authors we recommend: (visit the BSD book shop)

Hamish Miller
Billy Gawn
Nigel Twinn
Maria Wheatley
Jeffrey Keen – (for the scientist) consciousness, intent and structure of the Universe (using dowsing)
Back to a Future for Mankind – Ibrahim Karim (ancient Egyptian science)
21st Century radionics – Nick Franks (description and introduction to Radionics)

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