Earth Energy Dowsing at Thornborough Henges and Devils Arrows, North Yorkshire If you’re not jetting off into the sun over the holidays, don’t miss a great opportunity to dowse the famous Thornborough Henges and the Devils Arrows in North Yorkshire on Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2016. For those of you who wish […]

Another fabulous day trip for Waverley dowsers and this time we really went to a site that had everything for everyone. But it is really what the people want is what counts. So this time we had six people come together to investigate the ancient site of Old Sarum, once a proto town with it’s […]

Michael Haxeltine has a great enthusiasm for promoting dowsing and is always available to provide talks and demonstrations to groups and clubs on this interesting quantum phenomenon, below are his reports on two group presentations that he gave in the last month. North camp Fayre and the Dowsing stall: The first theme was to interest […]

On the 9th of July at 11am Waverley dowsers will be visiting the site at ‘Old Sarum’ this  is an ancient Neolithic site that has been used and reused throughout England’s history, once converted in to an iron age fort and later commandeered by the Romans this imposing hill that has been landscaped many times, […]

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