Waverley Abbey is a classical monastic ruin of a Church and Hospital. It was the very first monastery founded in Britain by the reforming Cistercian religious order   It is in a lovely setting on the banks of the River Wey.  We will open up at 10.00am on saturday morning and finish whenever you like (probably close at 16.00).  Bring a packed lunch and your tools. Call in when you can.
Waverley Lane, B3001, on the Road that goes from Milford to Farnham via Elstead where the road crosses the River Wey.
O/S SU  8702 4553   Waverley Abbey House GU9 8EP      Look out for our sign.
Don is the lead at the Hampshire Archaeological Dowsing Society.   We can probably all ask to be shown some hidden foundations, but what are we actually looking for and how should we mark and record what we find?  How does your Dowsing hold up against others?  
We have been here before on a great evening do a couple of years ago and quickly ran into the dusk.  So here is a chance to open up your skills and learn what to look for (and to try this out elsewhere); without rushing.    It’s going to be a fine day so don’t forget your hat!
Have a look for Waverley Abbey on Google and Google Earth and view the pictures.   I’ll endeavour to bring a toilet and tent since there is nothing open nearby.   This free site is open to the public and could be popular.  Bring a chair or a picnic rug, and a camera and see how to get the best shots; it should be a memorable day.
Geoff is the Chair at Waverley Dowsers, ring   07770 89 89 09 if you get lost!

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