Michael Haxeltine had a great day teaching people about Magnetic Orientation, but more of that late.. First we have the planned events for Waverley dowsers in June, all who want to come, can come. You do not need to be a member of Waverley dowsers to come to our events, but you do get discounts on the indoor events. Tea is always free.
The next event is an outside event on the 5th June, Sunday, meeting in the car park at 11am, a visit and picnic at St.Catherine’s Hill, bring your friends and children for a lovely day out. Waverley dowsers did visit this site last year, so we know where the Labyrinth is as well as the Dragon lines and ancient barrow, all great dowsing practise and much more to learn for everyone.  We will meet at 11.00 am at the free car park below the Hill where the road crosses the stream.   Basically a re-run of the last event there where we explored the labyrinth, Investigated two 2 dragon lines crossing near the labyrinth, great energies on this Labyrinth, plus an old Chapel that stands nearby on the hill, well worth a dowse with more time to discover about this ancient site. The hill is also covered in natural wild herbs and is a beautiful walk.


Then on the 16th June, Thursday, we have the author of multiple books on dowsing, Nigel Twinn visiting us at the Broadwater Park Community Centre in Farncombe, Summer’s Road, Godalming, GU7 3BH. at our standard. time of 19.00 for 19.30pm. Nigel is providing a talk on the philosophy of Dowsing, how it works at the quantum and universe wide levels plus his work with quantum ‘intention’ in labelling sound equipment that actually enhances the sound output.

Michael Haxeltine recently helped to widen the interest in gardening and dowsing whilst at the Nursery Open day  at Hagthornes, Bisley.

His main objective was to show a simple experiment that plants had magnetic orientation and to show the Nursery’s clients how they could dowse for this the orientation. Once found the shrub could be planted in that exact alignment to its orientation.
The applied concept [it is hoped] will help the better establishment of shrubs and trees. Rather ancient figures claimed that trees losses in public plantings exceed 1.3 Million pounds per annum. Thus, there is a serious economic aspect to the experiments; nationally and possibly globally.
Michael invites anyone and everyone, if you would like to participate in this experiment or if you have a relative in another part of the country who would like to participate or get this special training then contact Michael on 01252 541 639.

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