Linda Prentice continues Waverley Dowsers season of practise and training with a talk and some practise on how to find water and how to discover the depth, flow and clarity of the water.

Find out how a Water Diviner not only locates the recommended
site for drilling a borehole, but also determines the probable
depth,quality, quantity and mineral content of the water.
Linda will talk about the process she uses , site visits and
unexpected experiences. The talk will cover dowsing and map
dowsing for water, Pitfalls, tips, what to look for and record.
Audience participation encouraged with practical demonstrations

Please arrive for 7.15 pm on friday 12th October as the talk will be starting at 7.30pm the venue will be the Waverley Dowsers normal meeting venue at the Unitarian hall, Godalming.

Bring your dowsing tools as Linda will be encouraging audience participation in finding water

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