Do you know who you are travelling with on the Psychic Highway Jane, Holistic therapist and experienced dowser has a wide ranging experience within the complementary therapy environment. Jane will lead an organic interactive discussion covering all aspects of psychic protection and provide a question and answer session. A session to excite novices and to […]

The Great Pyramid of Cholula or mountain Pyramid Considered so sacred it was buried to prevent the Spanish conquistadors from finding it this is the largest manmade structure ever found on Earth built in those times. With more than a hundred Dragon lines crossing at this point you can understand why the ancient […]

The events page has been updated for Waverley Dowsers Events for the rest of 2018, to see what the events are please follow this link HERE: For those of you and for those who couldn’t make the talk about Dragons recently, please note that we will be visiting a local Church that contains a […]

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