Here we see three Members, Ken – Frimley, Geoff- Lightwater and Michael – Northcamp looking for things of technical and fun interest for day or evening meetings of Waverley Dowsers. Here they are looking at damaged and twists in trees.
Tree InspectionIf a tree is bent against the direction of the prevailing wind it is likely that earth energies might be the cause.
It is not widely known that energies arising from “earth faults” can send up minuscule currents which can adversely affect trees and susceptible humans. Trained dowsers are able to trace these currents/energies which the “ancients” knew about. The ancients and “ masons” had the skills to detect these “energies’ and use that skill to site buildings away from detrimental energies.
However there has been a renewal of this knowledge in the 1890’s and the 1920’s and we have been regaining this knowledge over the last hundred years.

This is one of many subjects which Dowsers learn about either through their meetings in Godalming or at national/international events; via the British Society of Dowsers.
Many Members have a specialised dowsing interest. Current interests cover alternative therapy, Archaeology, diving for water on small holdings and for the really technically minded they learn about the supporting physics. However, this is one of many activities which members do either in a group or on their own.
Our next meeting in Godalming on the evening of the 10th March concerns the subject of crystal communication and the speaker will be Beverley Kinane.
Further information on Waverley Dowsers contact Michael Haxeltine 01252 514 639

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