Sunday 8 March 2015. SHAMANIC TOOLS FOR LIFE with Liz Bridger Liz is a trained Shamanic Healer, Psychic Surgeon and Equine Bowen Practitioner. She will be talking about how old shamanic ways and tools can help with our future path. She will also talk about Andean traditions and teachings which assist in connecting with the […]

Friday 24th April 2015 The Annual Robert Cowley Memorial Lecture THE EVIDENCE FOR PREHISTORIC SURVEYING Robin Heath The RILKO AGM will be held from 6.45 to 7.15 (Doors open 6.30pm) The public is warmly welcomed to the lecture at 7.30pm This illustrated lecture will present robust evidence that the world was surveyed and measured in […]

Waverley Dowsers will be given a Dowsing training session this coming weekend 21st Feb 2015 at our normal meeting hall, check out our Events page HERE Three hours dowsing training for only £10 !! So if you live in Surrey, Hampshire or west Sussex you could only be a short trip down the A3 from us […]

Check out the full article about the Sacred temple well that we investigated and dowsed, the Temple Well is on the side of a Mountain long ago forgotten and overgrown with Trees, there are various claims for why it was constructed, all of which seem to be worshipping the sun, moon or stars, but perhaps […]

This was a Waverley Dowsers talk presented by dowsing author Michael Haxeltine ‘Chat about Chakras’; 13th. Jan.’15 at Godalming in Surrey. Michael likes to build his talks around a ‘fun time’ and this talk was no exception,  although the session was actually serious in that it showed how close organs were to each other and […]

Mike and Geoff go to the Guildford Institute to spread the word about dowsing to an audience of fifty five. He opened up his talk with a brief mention of the use of the dowsing L rod with Geoff [Vice Chair] demonstrating the simplicity of making a dowsing rods. He said that he did not […]

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