There is a great article in the British Society of Dowsers from Richard Creightmore based on original work by Bee keeper John Harding who has written a book about the siting of Bee hives over geomagnetic stress. It has long been known that Geomagnetic stress is harmful to humans which is why it has been […]

Finding ways to practise using your energy field to find answers that you may not normally be able to find is a great way to strengthen your dowsing skills, below is a short video on how to use a pendulum to detect when your boiled eggs are cooked to the perfect way that you like […]

All of us at Waverley dowsers had all been looking forward to the visit and talk from Caroline and Gary about their book ‘The Spine of Albion’ and their journey in discovering and dowsing these two long forgotten Dragon lines, but as they unrolled the history of the British landscape and society over the path […]

Michael Haxeltine was asked to give a talk to the national organisation R.I.L.K.O in London recently for a talk entitled ‘Dowsing: Using the past to find out the Future‘. He took part of “his classroom” to the talk. This is a picture of him at 3.40 pm  on the 31st October getting ready to catch […]

Sussex dowsers have got a great a day on Sunday 9th of November at Chichester with a talk presented by Peter Knight, Peter who has written and published eight books as well as some popular DVD’s lives in Wiltshire the home of Britain’s sacred landscape, his latest book ‘The Cerne Giant: Landscape, Gods and the […]

Maria Wheatley has just published another book on ancient sites called Divining Ancient Sites – Insights into their creation which includes an astrological ley line which may interest the Waverley group! Some of the topics in the book, such as healing earth energies and how certain earth energies can cleanse our body water – which […]

Waverley dowsers have set up a new Facebook page for our members and interested parties to post and share interesting information and to contribute towards new ideas for dowsers everywhere. All are welcome to visit and read what is shared, if you like what is shared feel free to share your interests associated with dowsing, […]

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