Dowsing Events At Waverley Dowsers 2018

April: 28-29TH Sat-Sun.  BSD Symposium, Worcester (see Geoff or contact BSD).

May: 4th Friday from 18.00: Gordon School at West End; “hands-on” seeking of energy features on a Sports Field.  With Mike Haxeltine et al

May: 11th Psychic Protection – do you know who you are travelling with on the psychic highway?   With Jane Court

June: 8th Notes from the Diary of a Sceptical Dowser.    With Christopher Strong

June: 9th Saturday; Outside Visit & hands-on at Dunsfold Church, Holy Well & “Stone Circle”. With Pam H, Geoff M and Ken C.

July: 13th Practical Dowsing hands-on at the Lammas lands behind the Unitarian Hall, Godalming. Geoff, Ken & Steve

July: 29th Rustic Sunday at Tilford; WD is running a stall at this Annual Event.

August: No meetings, but we have a WD presence at the Sun and Moon Festival near Chester.  Week of Camping 12-19th.

September: 14th Dragons & Serpents Myths, Symbolism & Earth Energies; With Peter Knight.

October: Sat 6th Basic and Advanced Training Day at our Unitarian Hall. Mike H. et al.

October: 12th; Water Divining with Linda Prenter.

November: 9th Therapeutic Properties of Sound. With Kay Kraty

December: A Christmas Open Dowsing Evening.  Various members to give short chats. What could you say? See Geoff

January: 11th 2019: Advanced Busby Pebbles for Healing; With Steve Taylor.

January: 15th WD Annual Celebration Evening: Maybe at The Stag at Eashing?

More details will be sent out nearer the time.

You will see that we have now pretty much settled on Friday evenings at the Unitarian Hall as our regular meeting slot – so why not pencil in 13th Oct10th November8th December, 12th January, 16th Jan – post-Christmas meal, 9th February, 9th March and 13th April – AGM night.








Plus whatever turns up!  So please do your own investigations and let us know if they would be suitable for a WD visit.

Our programme has included:-

  • Basic and advanced training
  • Chakras in humans and animals
  • Dowsing to aid a local historians’ researches
  • Visits to Dowsing Sites, local and far.
  • Energy lines which run the length and breadth of the UK
  • Water dowsing
  • Sharing our Experiences
  • Crystal communication & Guest Speakers

Our Members give talks on the many aspects of Dowsing to all manner of groups and we run research projects.

In a nutshell we learn about environmental issues locally, globally and historically


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