Dowsing Events At Waverley Dowsers 2019

11th January – Steve Taylor will be giving an advanced session on programming and using Busby pebbles to anchor a healing intent.
8th February – Roger Taylor to talk about his work with Orgone energy
8th March  – Adrian Oncledon-Webber to talk about Nature Spirits at Holy Sites and Sacred Places
10th May – Kim Aldridge – Kim Aldridge, Kinesiologist Practitioner, (Cert. A.S.K., dip. A&P)
12th April – AGM and a speaker to be confirmed and the consolidation of summer site visits and future talks, please come along and provide your input on these areas

Plus whatever turns up!  So please do your own investigations and let us know if they would be suitable for a WD visit.

Our programme has included:-

  • Basic and advanced training
  • Chakras in humans and animals
  • Dowsing to aid a local historians’ researches
  • Visits to Dowsing Sites, local and far.
  • Energy lines which run the length and breadth of the UK
  • Water dowsing
  • Sharing our Experiences
  • Crystal communication & Guest Speakers

Our Members give talks on the many aspects of Dowsing to all manner of groups and we run research projects.

In a nutshell we learn about environmental issues locally, globally and historically

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