Adrian Incledon-Webber will be providing a talk for Waverley dowsers about Geopathic Stress on the 11th November 7.30,pm until 9.30pm, so please place this in your diary, the venue will be the Broadwater Community centre at Farncombe: (Off Summers Road Farncombe Surrey GU7 3BH) Entry for members is £5, with guests paying £8, you can join Waverley dowsers on the night (£15 per annum) and get a reduced entry fee for the talk.

Website for the Community hall


How happy is your house?

Do you feel better when you are away from home?

How well do you sleep at night?

There is an unseen world out there that can have a profound effect on us, both mentally and physically.

Collectively these detrimental energies are called Geopathic Stress e.g. noxious energy patterns from earth energy lines, inherited human emotions, water veins, ley lines, spirits etc.

The leaching of your body’s energies can be a subtle process manifesting itself as many day to day ailments leading to more serious problems as time goes by.

In his talk Adrian will describe some of these energies, how they affect us and what we can do about turning our home into our castle or sanctuary.

Adrian Incledon-Webber is a full time dowser and geopathic stress practitioner, his book entitled ‘Heal Your Home’ was successfully published in late 2013 and has already been described as the bible of geopathic stress.

He lives in North Yorkshire and is a past Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers, past chair of the Earth Energies Group and the Health and Wellbeing Group.

As usual you can contact members of Waverley dowsers for further information on our talks.

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