When Christopher Strong came to Waverley dowsers in 2018 to provide a talk based upon his wide range of skills and long experience, we were delighted when he agreed to be recorded so that we can share his insights to the world.

Christopher did not disappoint regaling us all with some wonderful stories which in the dowsing world is the perfect way to teach dowsing, by providing this information of what is possible and what was done, the dowser can go away and practise the very same methods.

Christopher has written a very well received book on his dowsing journey entitled ‘Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser’ which is available from the Penwith press Here this book is also available from the British Society of Dowsers (BSD) Here

This book is a must for all dowsers both young and old, new and experienced.

We hope you enjoy this fantastic talk, and please feel free to share Christopher’s talk and this page with your friends.




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