Waverley dowsers next meeting will be the 14th July 2015 when we will be dowsing a water well in Fleet Hampshire that was originally dowsed and drilled by a professional water dowser, there are many underground water flows on site so it will be fun dowsing the different depths . This will give us the opportunity to test our skills against known parameters, as we will compare your findings with what was originally found. The area also has energy lines running through which we will dowse. All this will allow us dowsers to practise and raise our skill level in areas not normally considered. This is an outside exercise in gorgeous surroundings and we will be walking in a grassy field that is not grazed so please address appropriately, the meeting arrival time will be approx 7pm and we will start at 7.30.

So we hope to see you there and if you haven’t already confirmed your place please contact either Mike or Geoff for directions we will also provide a map of the dowsing area for you to use during your dowsing. Geoff will also be showing a video of a water dowser in action so you can get to see the real thing and pick up some tips.

Geoff –  geoff@geoffcmitchell.co.uk

Mike – mike.haxeltine@talktalk.net

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