Teresa Dale of  www.resatherapy.co.uk fame will be coming along to Waverley Dowsers on the 10th May 2016 to provide a talk and demonstration of her wide range of spiritual and energy healing. Teresa will be talking about healing energies, she will touch on different types of healing such as hands on healing, how it feels, […]

Michael Haxeltine who is a member of Waverley Dowsers recently gave a talk to the London and Tameside Dowsers on the process of dowsing, Tameside dowsers meet in Richmond. Here is Mike showing a demonstration model which doubles for a cell and the change over of cells from the root to a shoot/stem, or anything […]

Science of the Paranormal is the title of a talk been given by Dr Roger Taylor who will introduce and discuss some very well established and reproducible phenomena which are paranormal in nature but being inexplicable by most peoples common sense view of the world. Roger will talk about some of the aspects which he […]

There is nothing better than improving your Dowsing accuracy than having a mind that is quite, to achieve this mindfulness meditation is perfect. There is a new meditation class starting this month in Guildford, Surrey, the class details are below: The start date – 30th April 2016 End date – 21st May 2016 Course CodeHDU615NZ […]

If anyone has been to a full training session provided by Michael Haxeltine, one of his interactive exercises deals with dowsing a beam of light from a torch, it is interesting to know that we can dowse the light beam when the torch is switched on, but we can also dowse WHERE THE LIGHT BEAM […]

What is concrete? without it the modern world would look so different, what about the cement?  with no cement to bind the bricks together would we still be living in a world of wooden house’s, how far would the industrial revolution have got without cement. Modern cement was discovered in the 18th century The Romans […]

Sunday 10 April: Improve your Dowsing using Lists and Charts with Sandy McKenzie and David Charman.   Using Charts and Lists can widen the scope of your dowsing and improve your confidence and accuracy. Sandy will introduce you to the lists developed by Heather Willins (the founder of Sussex Dowsers) and various Charts widely used […]

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