Adrian Incledon-Webber following his talk at Waverley dowsers is pleased to announce that he will be providing courses (workshops) on how to Heal Your Home. The courses will be running at Compton village hall in Surrey on the following dates. Heal Your Home I: 25/26 February 2017 Heal Your Home II: 29/30 April 2017 Below […]

Adrian Incledon-Webber will be providing a talk for Waverley dowsers about Geopathic Stress on the 11th November 7.30,pm until 9.30pm, so please place this in your diary, the venue will be the Broadwater Community centre at Farncombe: (Off Summers Road Farncombe Surrey GU7 3BH) Entry for members is £5, with guests paying £8, you can […]

Dowsing evening with Mike Haxeltine Recently Michael Haxeltine gave an interactive talk to a group of holistic therapists in Farnborough, Hamshire. The theme was on the chakras system and how it evolved and will it evolve further. The system could be likened to a railway system and it has seven stations. The rail is the […]

Waverley dowsers has been busy recently with several talks and workshops which we haven’t published, below are write-ups provided by Michael Haxeltine on his experiences. The first write up provided by Michael was on the map dowsing talk and demonstration by Waverley dowsers chairman Geoff Mitchell who worked up to the dowsing for Dragon energy […]

Waverely dowsers in Godalming Surrey will be providing a class dedicated to map dowsing, we will be demonstrating and providing a workshop for the audience to learn and practise how to map dowse from a paper map as well as from a computer screen. Using Google Earth or Google maps to find your target is […]

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