British Dowsers Spring Symposium 2015 University of Worcester Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April Muscle Testing Ron Dudley-Smith Drawing on some of the findings of Joey Korn to investigate the many bands of the auric field and to discover dietary deficiencies & intolerances. The Consciousness of Water Fay Palmer Water is often viewed as an […]

As soon as I entered the Hall the sparkle from the table shone out and beckoned me closer…. Yes a couple of bright spot lights did help, but what an array of colour and polish! Beverley Kinane was there too; full of energy and radiating along with her wares. It’s important that, to be a […]

One thing we at Waverley Dowsers know is that Dowsing accuracy comes with confidence and confidence comes with practise which is why we run regular training sessions as it brings us all together to share new ideas and practise those ideas. Bring your questions to the dowsers meetings and ask, quite often you may get more […]

Here we see three Members, Ken – Frimley, Geoff- Lightwater and Michael – Northcamp looking for things of technical and fun interest for day or evening meetings of Waverley Dowsers. Here they are looking at damaged and twists in trees. If a tree is bent against the direction of the prevailing wind it is likely […]

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