Waverley dowsers have pencilled in some outside visits for 2016 to take advantage of the warmer weather of the summer months. The first one on the new schedule was to re-visit St Catherine’s Hill near Winchester, then later we have Old Sarum, an ancient formidable Citadel that was once a Henge and has male and […]

Nigel Twinn will be providing a talk to share his knowledge about dowsing and other remarkable aspects of the subtle energy world at Waverely Dowsers on Thursday the 16th June at the new meeting hall in Farncombe, Surrey. Broadwater Community centre, Summers Rd, Farncombe GU7 3BH Nigel’s talk will begin at 7.30 but the hall […]

Michael, one of our Members, recently gave a talk to the Farncombe Morning Towns Women Guild.     He introduced many facets of the science and art of dowsing to the Group; who joined in with some of the experiments he conducted. The Group were very interested in pyramid power; as it could be used as a […]

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