Keith Harmon, former Chair of Health Special Interest Group of the British Society of Dowsers, will be our guest speaker on 14 January 2014.  During his talk Keith will give us an in-depth look into energy and dowsing.  Please bring L-rods or other dowsing devices. There will be hot drinks and biscuits provided We will […]

In 2006 the British Society of Dowsers ran a survey of it’s members worldwide with a questionnaire from the British Dyslexia Association, the results were surprising and the conclusions were distinctly informative. With the British Dyslexia Association championing a Dyslexia Awareness week starting on the 14th October through to Sunday the 20th 2013, we feel […]

The Waverley dowsers will have nationally famous Homeopathy specialist Dominic Upton giving a talk about Homeopathy and wellness in general, he will also be pleased to answer questions on wellbeing and where Homeopathy fits in with a holistic approach to health, to join or to come as a guest to this event at our meeting hall in Godalming on tuesday […]

The British Society of Dowsers Celebrated their 80th birthday this year, and they have been busy posting dowsing video events on to their YouTube channel, so pay a visit and sit back and enjoy the various videos, mainly captured on members smart phones, but interesting never the less for the subjects captured. Visit the British […]

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