Another training session at Waverley dowsers for intermediate and advanced users, we had Pam talking about how she use’s her Guardian angels and spiritual helpers in all her dowsing, with Ken introducing the entitys from the Underworld, Middleworld and Overworld and talking their non-threatening demeaner. Michael and Geoff demonstrated a particular workshop they had experienced […]

Come and enjoy the 1st day of summer in one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Arundel Park with its lake wildlife and rolling chalkhills and possible site of a hill fort. This outing is to explore a site in the park that could have been a site of human occupation long long […]

Dowsing is a wonderful tool to empower you to use your natural ability to manipulate the energy’s of the universe, the great thing about dowsing is you don’t need to have a PHD to use it. This following ten minute video shows how you can use your in-born ability to improve the energy (any energy’s) […]

Dowsing has been shown to be a great way to produce an improvement in someone’s health particularly in the energetic side which is the foundation of the material side, watch this short video by Erich Hunter on his method of health improvement using dowsing.

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