Waverley Dowsers next group meeting will be 8th July, 2014 Archaeological Dowsing to aid the work of a local historian at King George V Field, Farnborough GU14 6PQ To be lead by Michael Haxeltine. We will be hunting for the precise locations of some features which are no longer visible to on the ground.  These […]

Waverley Dowsers who are based in Surrey and have members from parts of Hampshire and Berkshire, England, have been busy in this month of March, we had Mike Haxeltine providing his workshop ‘introduction to Dowsing’ at a well known garden centre as he demonstrated how to use dowsing to find the best planting position for […]

At the Waverley Dowsers next AGM meeting on the 15th April long time Dowser Steve Taylor will be providing a talk on practical dowsing, he will be presenting ideas and demonstrations of dowsing that you can use in the garden, home and even at work. Dowsing is not just about chasing down Ley lines and […]

“Dowsing the Stonehenge Landscape” by Don Bryan Following last year’s enlightening presentation on “Dowsing the Arthurian Legend”, we have invited Don back to give us a talk on his experiences dowsing the Stonehenge Landscape. Don is an experienced Dowser and Chair of the BSD Archaeology Special Interest Group. Tuesday 11th March 2014 at 7.30 pm […]

The Waverley dowsers will have nationally famous Homeopathy specialist Dominic Upton giving a talk about Homeopathy and wellness in general, he will also be pleased to answer questions on wellbeing and where Homeopathy fits in with a holistic approach to health, to join or to come as a guest to this event at our meeting hall in Godalming on tuesday […]

Next Waverley Meetings Tuesday 12th November 2013 “Homeopathy – its Origins and Applications part 2” with Dominic Upton this is a continuation of the talk given by Dominic in 2012  (there is no need to have attended the previous talk) You can find Dominic’s Twitter feed below plus an interview that Dominic gave about his […]

“Haunted Guildford” This promises to be a very interesting evening dowsing some of the Hauntings that are reputed to have been seen in Guildford. We will be investigating some of the facts to see if we think they are true or not. guided by Celia Woodward Tuesday 10th September 2013 7.15pm for a PROMPT 7.30pm start we will be meeting […]

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