Waverley Dowsers, Godalming; Tuesday 10th November 2015
An Evening with Gaynor Davenport; Healing Horses and Other Animals.
I don’t know about you, but I’m just grateful that I can get a Yes and No response from dowsing.  Well I do get several other responses, but I’d say I was a Yes/No kind of guy at the moment; I’m working on it!      Gaynor has been blessed with something a bit stronger; the horses she deals with actually talk to her.
I say talk, but as might be gathered, it comes from the horse to her via a mental link and she “hears” the horse trying to put what it feels into words for her to interpret and hopefully act upon to the horse’s benefit.    The fascinating part for me was that the link was in, what I would describe as, phonetics.   These are sounds that, when strung together, create words of meaning; a much bigger picture than plain Yes and No!
I can honestly say that 2 hours (and a lot more, if we had not had to vacate the Hall) went in a flash and that I consider myself as privileged just to be immersed in what she had to say.    Gaynor skipped through her life from those early childhood days when she found herself excited about horses, ponies and donkeys, because she had a rapport with them.   Adults would give her grief over such things, and as is the way of our Society, she suppressed this until her twenties.
Then one day she asked the dowsing question; “with this gift I have, show me my path in life”.   The clues were duly received and she went from strength to strength.    I get the impression that there are not many like her about!   Once discovered, she was frequently sort out by horse and stable owners and Royalty, right around the World.   The telling fact is that apart from expenses she takes no money for her services, but if pressed stipulates improved welfare for the horse under her clients’ care.  I won’t even mention the python skin!
I’m not an animal person in particular, but have no fear of them.   I do love to give a horse a stroke and a pat when the opportunity arises, though.    Horses are animals and our animal cousins don’t do probabilities as strongly as we do; so they are always ready to run away.   Gaynor suggests, with great sense, that in approaching animals one should have a heart of compassion and love.   They have the ability to read this and will allow your approach.   I surmise that because we have been given language we have lost some of our sense of danger?
Finally, as is life, when you allow it, coincidence will pop up to give you a nudge.   I have been working on extracting names from dowsed objects and enterties and have formed the opinion that we are given these names as phonetic sounds rather than alphabet letters.    This makes sense in that whatever the language of the enterty they can always communicate with you.    So you might care to use an English ABC, but the answer one might get is in what that letter sounds like.    This then entails you going through as many sound permutations of that letter until you get a positive response.    I wonder if we can use the ITA again (International Teaching Alphabet) or is there anything really useful out there; already invented?
Thank you Gaynor, a real boost for our souls!
Chair of Waverley Dowsers 2015-6

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