There are many ways a dowser can use their skills, they can dowse for water, Earth energies and Dragon lines but another fantastic use of your dowsing is to communicate with nature, you can ask the ‘Spirit of Place’ a question and using your dowsing rod or pendulum to receive an answer, just as you […]

Michael Haxeltine is forever searching for examples where dowsing is used abroad. Recently while in France he found that in some hospitals a notice can be found where you can find the contact details for alternative treatments and that included the addresses of dowsers. He also found that the French Gendarmeries used dowsing in rural […]

Energetic Wisdom is a fast track route to health and well-being. Former osteopath, Tony Mills, realised that manipulation of the skeletal structure was not always the answer and to best help his clients, he had to address the root cause. Tony works on the principle that we create dis-ease and dis-comfort in our bodies as […]

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