In Australia New South wales a 700 Hectare live-stock farm is using the spiritual energy of the land and their animals to provide a profitable enterprise for the owners, to watch the video article follow this link: Subtle Energies in NSW Australia news article   These ideas are not new of course, ancient Brits were […]

The Dowsing for Health and Energy workshop course will be run by Keith Harmon and Jane Court, both Jane and Keith have been delivering courses and health workshops for the British Society of Dowsers in the past few years. Jane who is a Reiki Master as well as a qualified Dowsing tutor at the BSD […]

Well with Summer just around the corner and Spring well under way, it is time to tell all you Dowsers and potential dowsers where you may find some of us Waverley Dowsers ‘out and about’ The next public area where you may come and find some of us, talking and demonstrating Dowsing and Dowsing techniques […]

Dowsing is all about been in touch with your intuition,  for most people this tends to help develop a gentler and more expansive way of thinking, or seeing the bigger picture, here is a great little video, which has nothing to do with dowsing, other than providing the opportunity to think. But back on the […]

¬†Dowsing for Stone Energies in Surrey with Waverley Dowsers May 13th 2014 7.00 for 7.30pm, Godalming area With the permission of the landowner, Waverley Dowsers have a rare opportunity to dowse the energy fields of standing stones on private land near Godalming. This is a real treat for dowsers in Surrey who would otherwise have […]

The Waverley Dowsers AGM will be held on Tuesday 15th April at 7.30pm Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming GU7 3JB (A3100, opposite Esso Garage) Visit our contact page for a map of our meeting hall’s location HERE due to an event at the chapel, we have been asked to request that you ensure that you park […]

The British society of Dowsers have organised a two day symposium combining two of the BSD’s most successful groups, the Wellness group and the Earth Energies group have provided some fantastic speakers, authors and workshops. With talks and workshops provided by: Tom Graves¬† (author of Needles of Stone) – Needles of Stone revisited Adrian Incledon-Webber […]

There is no age barrier to Dowsing, I started Dowsing when I was seven years old and I have met some who were dowsing before that age, but it does not matter if you started early or came to the craft later in life, there are constant surprises to be found in the life of […]

Dowsers are a curious bunch of people, we can be found out in all weathers indulging our curiosities striding about with a rod or two in our hands or even standing stock still while we interrogate with our pendulums. When it comes to looking for interesting sites to dowse, there is nothing better than understanding […]

The Ley Hunters network have managed to put together a fantastic day of talks with world class dowsers providing some fantastic information for Dowsers of all levels. The speakers are listed below: David Hughesman Doug Chapman Susan Sheridan Philip Carr-Gomm Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton Yuri Leitch Maria Wheatly Laurence Main. Maria Wheatly recently gave a two […]

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