At the Waverley dowsers evening meeting two of the groups members gave a talk based around healing oneself and others. First Ken Collinson talked about his early spiritual healing that was spontaneously channelled through him and his later journey towards discovering the abilities that all people have in providing energetic healing. While Geoff Mitchell the current Waverley dowsers chairman provided a talk and demonstration of the method of ‘Earthing’ your energy field to rid yourself of excess energies that could and do cause harm to the body.

First Ken talked about some examples of spiritual healing that he had provided over a ten year period which all involved physical injuries that people had incurred for themselves, sprains, broken bones, tendon damage, cartilage injuries and much more but never disease or disorders which in his early experiences he felt that he needed to train and learn the skills of energetic healing to help those that he wasn’t able to do at that time.

During his journey of study of energy healing, he came across an author Lynne McTaggart who herself had embarked on a journey of providing indisputable proof that energy healing had an effect and worked. This journey was captured in three books ‘The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond’ Ken talked about how the proof was discovered and provided the conclusions.

Ken then provided a guided meditation to ‘powerup’ everyone’s heart felt compassion and led them through providing healing to their loved ones. He finished with a question and answer and some additional information on how ‘humans’ can interact and work on the quantum level in providing energy healing. This is a scientific paper and theory by Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff: (see video below) on consciousness in the Universe.

Geoff brought to the talk his home made device which enabled him to earth his excess energy and provided a talk on how this method had cleared up his growing varicose veins problem in his legs, this alone was worthy of the entrance fee for the evening meeting. Geoff will be producing these device’s for sale in the near future.

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