Fri, Dec. 10th. Doors open 19.15; Unitarian Hall Godalming. Free entry!

Christmas is back as expected once more at Waverley dowsers and we have a chance to spread some seasonal good cheer. For those who haven’t been previously to a Waverley gathering, it is an evening of chat and discussion between ourselves, an opportunity to view the groups sharing book library and perhaps to bring some of your books to share with others. We will have tables of nibbles for you to enjoy, please feel free to bring along any home made cakes and drinks to share as it is the time sharing.

For members and guests; it is a chance to get to know each other better and swap stories, we like dowsing stories of holidays and dowsing in exotic places as well as the Sacred sites of Britain. The ethos of our Group is to encourage the Art of Dowsing and to swap dowsing tips. We also have a YouTube channel where we have posted some great dowsing articles, videos, lectures and photos, please visit it here

We will be providing some Dowsing class’s in the new year so do come along and discuss what you are interested in.

John will be providing a simple guide into Radionics and how it works.
“Energy is neither created or destroyed but infinite and universal. By tapping into this and the use of one’s natural intuition or sensation, it is possible to achieve healing, only dependent on the individual ability to respond”
John will demonstrate a simple method of pendulum dowsing to determine an answer that anyone should be able to use.

Radionics is a Science based use of Dowsing and the use of subtle energies in healing and forewarning. While mainly used for dignostic purposes of pretty much anything, it can even takes dowsing one step further by providing machines designed to do the diagnostic dowsing for you. Radionics has a history of inventive and discovery through the use of experiments which exclude the human element and can provide consistent results.

Investigate Radionics here

John F Donaldosn will be at waverley Dowsers on the 12/11/2021, the doors will be open from 7pm and the talk will begin at 7.30pm, there will be a break before John will be available for a Q&A session. Please bring your own refreshments as the kitchan is not available at the moment.

Venue – Unitarian Hall Meadrow Godalming Surrey. GU7 3JB
(Opposite the Texaco Garage on the A3100 towards Godalming, nr Guildford) Wheelchair friendly

If you have any questions please contact the Chairman Geoffrey Mitchell on 01276 472977

The secrets of the Honey Bee a journey into the healing hive

After a near fatal encounter with blood sucking ticks in the Surrey Hills and after many years of chronic illness Dr Gerry discovered the magical healing of the honey bee venom for Lyme Disease. Dr Gerry talks about the ancient medicinal history of honey bees, along with the current day scientific evidence of their uses in treating over 800 human disorders and diseases, as well as current day veterinary uses of bee products.

The mystical and magical honey bee, is probably one of nature’s most comprehensive and revered alchemists.

Venue: Unitarian Hall Meadrow Godalming Surrey. GU7 3JB

Opposite the Texaco Garage on the A3100

Meetings are held every 2nd Friday of the month.

Check our website for more information

Covid 19 Please pre book with the chair, Geoff Mitchell on 01276472977 or by email to Numbers are limited to 30. We are not using the kitchen so bring your

own refreshments. Helpful if you can take a lateral flow test before coming and please do not turn up if

you feel unwell on the day. Face coverings optional.

The Waverley Dowsers Society is both a fun and a scientific group.

We meet to learn and practice dowsing.

This includes earth energy forces which can adversely and beneficially affect our houses,

gardens and work places. and a lot more. Also learn about hands on energy for healing.

International Dowsing Day will be upon us shortly on 5th May. But it appears that much will be made of the weekend 2nd and 3rd May, if the chance is found.    I’m not a great one for making a special day for celebration; except that it probably does get “the word” mentioned more widely.    Every day is Dowsing Day!?

As Chair, I’m conscious of wishing everyone, in our Waverley and Dowsing circles, a safe journey through this virus crisis.   Any time is a good excuse to chat to each other about this and that, and about our own dowsing, so if you haven’t done so already, do try and connect with each other and say what you think, and what you have found.    This crisis has created a period of enforced rest on us all and even though this will be an anxiety for some, due, say, to loss of income and the like, it should be viewed as a message for us; at all levels.  

What sort of message/ meaning are you getting from your asking of simple questions?   The fundamental is that you know how to “ask”… then comes the creation of balance in your mind when “asking”, i.e. no “axe to grind” and the calmness to accept YES or NO answers with equality.   If you feel that you are still uneasy then go for permissions.  The may I, should I and can I, should be seen as confidence boosters and not as plain nagging for you to be careful.   If you do get a NO then do ask if protection is needed and if you get YES to that, then ask if a protection technique, that you know of, will enable you to continue.

If so, then implement your protection and ask for permissions again.   The whole principle of dowsing manifestation works very well if you are calm and confident.   If you keep getting a NO then change the question and try again… or “try again later”!.    Play the Devil’s advocate with yourself until you feel that you are “ready” to ask.    Having said that (like you will then get perfect answers), you must realise that there is always room for error.   This is of less importance than the effort and feeling that you respectively insert and extract from the practice of “asking”.   We can all “play” the piano, but before we become “competent” we need to play our scales over and over (I didn’t like doing my scales and gave up, but I can still make a noise).

All I can say to encourage you is that Spirit will slowly ease off giving you a hard time, once you know what you are addressing and that they can trust you.   Spirit loves us all and will not let us “fall”; unless we ask for such! Most importantly you should approach it all as fun.   This lightness of touch will confound any negativity.  Privately, tell each other what you may care to have predicted, and keep a note of how it turns out.   To prevent paradox, one must see the future as “not written yet”.   If anything changes significantly, between now and the predicted event, then the outcome may be significantly different.    This might explain why Oracles never gave answers in an unambiguous form? 

Note well; that you must practice the experience of being proved correct.   This is quite shocking and leads to “thoughts of grandeur”, which will give your ego a jolt.   The only way to overcome this, and stay humble, is to keep doing it until you ego doesn’t even flicker.    Plus, I must recommend that you ask yourself “why do I want to know”?  If the answer is “for training purposes” then carry on, otherwise analyse where you are taking a particular line of questioning.

The important bit is to never “beat yourself up”; everything that you do is for a purpose and however it turns out it is a lesson to be learnt; don’t dump your common sense.   Keep a lookout for events around you that maybe coincidental or odd/ unusual….  If you do notice these then you just ask “was that for me?”.   Most of the time you get a NO, but when you do get a YES then have a little drill down and see how far you get.   If this gets a little “hairy” then don’t forget the confidence boosters above!

When the Government says we can all go out to play again, we will get back on track with our regular Friday meetings (and an AGM).  Hopefully we might get a warm evening outside… before it gets cold again?   A weekend version… maybe a visit to Glastonbury?

If being stuck indoors is getting a little “twitchy” for you, then try some map dowsing or finding what is present in your own house or garden?    If you are stuck for answers on how to find or proceed, or you have questions about what we do, then send me an email and let’s chat about it;  …   I’m not going anywhere!   Remember that if you want to “progress” then it is up to you to do the “finding”.   No one is pushing you to be “progressive”.  Whatever you feel is right is correct for you. If I think you are trying to “move on” I will give you encouragement.   I’m always trying to move on myself and I’m grateful that you might help me do so too.

You can catch up and have some joy with the Waverley Dowsers Youtube channel for some great videos of the visiter talks and sites we have been too, (don’t forget to read the text with each video as they complete the story)

Love and light and have fun,


Spiritual Health with Jane Butterworth: Waverly Dowsers, Unitarian Hall, Godalming GU7 3JB 19.30 Friday 14th Feb

Jane Butterworh has been a qualified SRN and moved into Spiritual healing after many years of working as a Nurse. Jane is qualifed in many of the popular Spiritual healing facilitations. She will be providing a talk and practical guidance on Spiritual health as well as answering all questions pertaining to the following subjects alongside her long experience of professional healing. To discover more about Jane, please visit her website – Jane Butterworh Here.

Spiritual Healing
National Federation of Spiritual Healers

Crystal Healing
International College of Crystal Healing
OCN accredited

Sound Healing
(Tim) Wheater Sound Academy

Soul Rescue Healing 
Sacred Healers (Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan)
Advanced Level Certificate

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Jane Butterworth works mainly in the south-east of England and is based in the beautiful Saxon and Georgian town of Godalming, Surrey, which is just south of Guildford. She has built up a strong reputation for her professional approach to spiritual and psychic work.

Originally she trained as an SRN at University College Hospital, London and for several years specialised in Intensive Care and Acute Medical nursing. This background not only supports and enhances her understanding of the holistic model of medicine, but also attracted the role of teaching Anatomy & Physiology to Crystal Healing students. Jane is now working professionally to modernise the image of all forms of spiritual healing in the UK and is a Trustee of the Confederation of Healing Organisations.

Training: Jane is fully trained and insured to practise, with over 30 years of formal experience. All Healing therapies listed, initially, took 2 years to complete their training courses, with the exception of Soul Rescue, which takes a minimum of 3 years and is part of a continuous training program. Jane now holds the Advanced Level Certificate and was made Secretary of the Soul Rescue Society. Other training courses have been undertaken over the years to further experience and understanding.

Michael Haxeltine who ias the author of four books on how to master dowsing has made his current book on dowsing available as a Free download, you can also order printed copies of the book direct from him.

To read a copy of this book please click on the download link and feel free to share with all those who may have a passing interest in dowsing or who you might like to entice with entry to this fabulous ancient art.

Male and Female Dragon lines at the Rollright Stone Circle
Sacred Dragon lines at the StoneHenge circle, two equal matching pairs of Dragon lines
Sacred Dragon lines at the ancient Henge of Old Sarum later turned in to a fortress by iron age tribes and then by the Romans before the Normans tried to make it a Spiritual capital.
The Ring of Brodgar in the Orkney Isles, male and female Dragon lines at this ancient site
The Stenness Stone circle and two sacred Spiritual Dragon lines of male and female
Avebury Henge and its complex interplay of Spiritual Dragon lines flowing through Britain’s most Sacred and Spiritual location
Figsbury Ancient Henge, the stones long gone but the Dragons remain

What a lovely evening Waverley dowsers had on friday, working our way through two of the most powerful yogic meditation exercises on the planet led by a master wizard of the art.

Below you will find two PDF documents of both meditative exercises for you to practise in your own time, please feel free to share either this page or both documents.

Waverley Dowsers’ Training Day at the Unitarian Hall GU7 3JB in Godalming; Saturday October 5th.

Basic training from 10.00 to 12.00 and advanced-basic from 13.00 to 15.00

with half time breaks, tea and biccies supplied; why not join us with a packed lunch?

Cost is £10 per session or £15 for both.   You can pay on the day if you just turn up.

This training is about bringing newcomers up to speed on the what and how of Dowsing.  

It is also open to membership to be able to sit in for free and support what is going on by helping others.  

This can also be considered further training for those who have mastered the art.

There are several approaches on offer by teachers from our own Membership. No need to book… any questions please ring Geoff

Come along and have some fun…. Bring a friend?

Geoff     Chair at Waverley    01276 472977/  07770 89 89 09

What we in the northern hemisphere call Dragons are generally called Serpents in the ancient world in the rest of the world. In the high northern latitudes we get the chance to see real live Dragons enter the Earth through the poles and although Dragons or Dragon lines flow throughout and all over the Earth, it is only near the poles are they hot enough to cause burns. Here is a short video of science reasoning for Dragons which can also be found under the Electric Universe theorys if you wish to understand the science/biology of these Plasma creatures who are the Spiritual beings known throughout human history, first as Dragons/Serpents in the ancient cultures of pre-history and still recogised in Asia and the northern climates as creatures of good.


Sept. 7th .Sat. “BSD AGM & Conference”; Worcester. Geoff is Attending and is happy to car share if any wishes to join him.

Sept.13th. Fri. John Baker “An Experienced Practical Dowser recalls” John will talk about his experiences as a proffesional dowser over the years, the great thing about dowsing is, that you only need the idea, and then you should be able to emulate.

Oct. 5th.Sat. “Dowsing Training day”; two courses, one in the morning starting at 10.00am and one in the afternoon starting at 2pm –  An introduction to and basic dowsing training in the morning, ideal for you to introduce family and friends to an interesting pastime –  the afternoon dowsing session will build on the morning session and introduce dowsers to concepts and practical dowsing that will take most dowsers out of the comfort zones. (prices are £10 per session or £15 for the whole day)

Oct.11th.Fri. David Charman “Energy Viewing”, practical tips and interactive exercises with demonstrations on how to see human energy fields and interpret them.

Nov.8th. Fri. Ken Collinson “Connecting with Love Within and Without”, using two unique meditation’s that will connect you to the love within your heart with a beautiful Bhuddists meta meditation which will open up your heart to the frequencys of love and aid in cleaning away any hurt that resides within, this will be followed after a short discussion and break with the wonderful Yogic style meditation that will connect your heart energies to the love of heaven and Earth while providing the opportunity to share that love to people or to Gaia in a transformational act of giving.

Dec.13th.Fri. “Christmas Fun” Lots of chat, mince pies and the odd short presentation.

Jan.10th.Fri. Chris Jacob “Homeopathy” Benefits in Health and Wellbeing.

Jan.(16th). Christmas Meal at a Local Hostalry.

Feb.14th.Fri. (Elizabeth Brown “Special Dowsing”. To be confirmed).

Mar.13th.Fri. Peter Knight – Peter has a new book Albion Dreamtime just published on the Spiritual mysteries and landscapes of Britain a labour of love this is a fascinating book on the spiritual landscapes and interactions of humans in the use of that landscape over millennium.

Apr.3rd.Fri. AGM and shorter lecture.

May.8th.Fri. Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare “Branches to the Belinius Line”.

June & July.Fri. We try and get out and about, locally, in the warmer weather.

July.(19th.) Sun. “Members’ Picnic Lunch”

July.26th.Sun. Rustic Sunday, Milford.

You will find this Diary of events on the Events page for future inspection and updates or changes will be published on the events page, if anything is changed or canceled it will be also placed on the news page – here, members get a separate email on updates as well as information for private or members only events.

Plus whatever turns up!  So please do your own investigations and let us know if they would be suitable for a WD visit.

Our programme has included:-

  • Basic and advanced training
  • Chakras in humans and animals
  • Dowsing to aid a local historians’ researches
  • Visits to Dowsing Sites, local and far.
  • Energy lines which run the length and breadth of the UK
  • Water dowsing
  • Sharing our Experiences
  • Crystal communication & Guest Speakers

Our Members give talks on the many aspects of Dowsing to all manner of groups and we run research projects.

In a nutshell we learn about environmental issues locally, globally and historically

Considering that Avebury is a hours drive for most of the Waverley dowsers and in one case nearly 2 hours, it was a fantastic turnout with over a dozen members making their own way to this most ancient of Spiritual monuments. After a gathering and a coffee while waiting for the final personel, we started at the very location inside the outer stone circle of the Henge which graces the Waverly dowsers front page of the website. There are multiple energies communicating at this location and you could be there for many hours documenting the different types and patterns.
Waverley dowsers members visited Avebury on a previous occasion with the BSD SI group of Earth Energies, you can read that here

After spending some fifty minutes at this location following thr spiral patterns and discovering the stones communications with those multiple patterns, the group moved on to the what has been termed by modern users as ‘The Cove’ two large stones (male and female) that today stand alone like lovers in a tiff, together, but not quite as there energies connect to each other and the third stone still standing from an original stone circle no long gone.

Then the group moved on to the next segment of the site and had a picnic on top of the embankment before descending and joining the male Dragon line though the ancient gate of the outer circle and in to what is another inner stone circle which has long been wrongly re-sited. Fun was had here and several members took healing from the male Dragon. Although it wasn’t the only member who encountered a tearful release on the day.

After a quick pit stop at the pub, the group split up to indulge in separate fantasys of ice cream, beer .. oops, I mean engagment with the Avenue and the writhing serpent path of the male Dragon line while also getting thier energies massage by the stones, the second group went to discover West Kennet long barrow and impressive as it is, neither fullfilled the desires of another group who wandered to find the female Dragon of the famed Mary line and engage with her.

A great day out with several catching the Sun at this world famous Serpent Henge.

Below is a great montage of the most popular aspects of Avebury henge and its Sacred environment.

This is an outside visit for us at Waverley dowsers, to have a look at what can be found at a Church site. Not only is this good practise for your dowsing, but it can be excellent for dowsers who want to enquire further. Note that although it was built to be consecrated in 1902, relatively modern, it has a South placed tower and spire and is as about as far away from an East-West orientation one could get and still call it that… why? General info… and view it on Google Earth, OS maps etc.

The Church is on the A286 (West side) just above Haslemere (2.5KM SW). Opposite the Church is the Village Hall and we hope we shall be able to use their extensive car park. Just above the Church is a footpath to what is described as a moat (1KM). This is reported as supporting a farmhouse once, but is now a flat area surrounded by a stream-fed moat with some trees and a bridge over the moat water. I wonder what you might find here? There are other features in the area, but it will all depend how the time goes. Bring appropriate footwear and your favourite tools… we have spares if needed.

Kim Aldridge, Kinesiologist Practitioner, (Cert. A.S.K., dip. A&P) has been working from her clinic The Olive Tree, for almost five years.  Her clients range from those with minor ailments, to more serious symptoms and visit from all over the UK and abroad. Systematic Kinesiology uses painless muscle testing to detect and rectify imbalance within the body and to facilitate self healing.  Kim’s expertise lies in helping clients with emotional stress release, digestive, weight loss and hormone related issues using a range of tools and techniques.

Kim will provide demonstrations of the technique, and questions are most welcome.   In addition to Kinesiology, The Olive Tree offers a full range of complementary therapies along with the hugely popular RejuvaDetox (weight loss) and RejuvaLymph (lymph drainage) programmes.

The talk will occur at our normal meeting hall, the Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey,  GU7 3JB – bring a friend for this interesting talk, tea and biscuits supplied, start time is 7.30, doors open at 7.00pm

There have been some changes made to the British society of Dowsers spring symposium, to understand all the changes made, please visit the BSD website for the latest updates:

Starting on monday the 8th April we have the Sun and Moon Easter festival, this year there will be three different dowsers attending and each providing three ninety minute workshops over the course of the week. Waverley dowsers will have two trainers at the Sun and Moon festival with Geoff and Ken both providing individual class’s along with Jane Gambrill who will have her own itinerary for teaching her specialist subject. To check out this festival which is being held in Tidworth see the link below, there will be over twelve hours of dowsing beeing taught and we plan to make an excursion from the festival to one of the nearby ancient sites, Tidworth is not far from Stone Henge, Figsbury and Old Sarum Henges have been mentioned as well as Avebury Henge so plenty of sites to visit over the course of the week. please follow the link below to see the full programme:

and don’t forget if you are going to any ancient sites for dowsing, take plenty of photos and if you wish we can add them to the Waverley dowsers Youtube channel along with a little write up.

The Waverley dowsers AGM will consist of discussions for dowsing events such as site visits to locations where we can practise dowsing as well as settling dates for our annual training class’s and speakers for the upcoming year, participation in the form of site visit suggestions from our members are always welcome. Ken Collinson will be providing a talk on Tree diversity and sprinkling his talk with Tree knowledge and some Wizardry lore. Ken has a website for encouraging the planting of Tree’s. Do bring your dowsing rod or pendulum as Ken will have some exercises for you to try out during this talk. Below is a link to the article providing information and argument for individual action in expanding diversity in the British countryside.

Adrian who has provided talks at Waverley dowsers in recent years on his popular book ‘Heal Your Home’ returns to talk about something close to his heart and lends from his tours and walkabouts at the many Sacred and Holy sites visted in his latest book ‘Spirit & Earth’. Adrian will be sharing his knowledge and experiences at Waverley dowsers Unitarian hall in Godalming on the 8th March 2019, the doors open at 7pm for a start at 7.30pm. He will bring along his books and DVD’s which he will be happy to sign for you.

So what makes a site Holy and is that actually different from a Sacred Place?

We cannot know for sure what our ancestors were truly thinking when they built Avebury and Stonehenge but what we do know is that they were and still are important worship sites.

So, was the siting of these monuments to do with the pre-existing energy patterns or for some other reason?

What was considered the first Sacred Site or Holy Place, and what makes them so?

How strong a part does human emotion and intent play in all this?

What influence does Mother Nature and her Elementals have at these sites?

Are spirits more active at these sacred sites and how do we deal with them?

What was the very first Sacred Space and the first Holy Site?

During his talk Adrian will hopefully answer these and many other interesting questions.

Adrian is a former Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers, past chair of their Earth Energies Group and Dowsing for Health Group.

He is well known for his talks, workshops and courses on dowsing related subjects. He is an author and film maker, his DVD ‘Intuition’, his books ‘Heal Your Home’, (described as the bible of geopathic stress) and co-authored ‘Spirit and Earth’ will be available on the evening.

Adrians main website for books and resources (you will also find Adrian is on the Waverley dowsers friends page)

Adrians short talk on House healing familier to Waverley dowsers from previous talks:

Roger Taylor has been investigating ‘life energies’ for many years, he is a keen follower of the “torsion-field” theory and the the spin of atoms and their secondary energies which can be understood and quantified. With many years of investigation and experimentations with growth enhancement and understanding of Pyramid energy, Roger will be sharing his years of research with Waverley dowsers at the Unitarian Hall on February 8th at 7.30 pm. Below is a short synopsis from Roger on his fascinating talk.

Roger will tell how he first began experimenting with dowsing on a small pyramid which took him along to understanding that he was responding to what has been called (among many names) “life energy”. This is now understood to be an influence promoting order, or organisation. Thus it is a syntropic influence – best understood in physics by the Russian “torsion-field” theory. He went on to develop a quantitative method, and identified various sources, and to show how such a syntropic influence would enhance seedling growth, and charge water so that it became dowsable. Later developing a method to dowse entropic influences (such as combustion), and showed that they could and would inhibit seedling growth.

A much ignored subject by the mainstream but providing consistent positive results for many investigators in over fifty years of research culminating with the building of the Russian Pyramids.

Further self investigation for our members can be found below:

Torsion Fields Summary

Russian Pyramid investigations and use

Inerton Theory

Mountain Pyramids shaped or built by Man

The human body contains upwards of 70 TRILLION cells, depending on who’s estimation you are likely to read, the estimated number goes up each year as science improves. There are also many billions of non-native cells in the human body in our intestines, on our skin and in every orifice you care to point at.

Each and every cell respires and excretes waste and each cell also requires energy. All human cells when healthy have an electrical voltage of approx. 22 -25 electron volts (negative electric) which is a very tiny amount of electricity, if the cell has too much electricity or not enough the cell and the organ can become unhealthy. Normally the body regulates the voltage in each cell but if your diet is too acid, or too alkaline then the body can struggle to keep an equilibrium of healthy bio-energy in the body.

You can dowse your health by asking the appropriate questions.

  1. Does my body contain too much negative electricity ? (if the answer is yes, then reduce the alkaline foods in your diet)
  2. Does my body contain too much positive electricity ? (if the answer is yes, reduce the acidic foods in your diet)
  3. You can also ask these questions in relation to a painful part of your joints, as it has been suggested that arthritis is related to too much positive volts in the area of the painful joint

Other quick ways to balance the body is to find ways to allow the body to dump or discharge the excess electricity, this can be done by walking barefoot outside on grass or even better on a sandy beach for 30 minutes or so and the body will discharge through the soles of the feet, you can feel yourself getting more balanced almost immediately you try this.

There are technology tricks available that will do a similar task of discharging excess electricity from the body.

  1. You can purchase bed mats that plug into the wall socket, these you would sleep on and the body will discharge through the bed mat while asleep, the electricity will earth through the lead and plug.
  2. You can drink lots of water or electrolytic liquids like coconut water, but these methods can also deplete you of essential minerals, so be careful.

There is a forum at which welcomes allcomers from around the world to post their dowsing experiences, if you can add to this discussion please visit and join in.

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