Scientists say that there are approx 2.5 million different species of (solid) creatures on Earth, what makes them think that there not at least the same amount of (incorporeal) creatures that we can’t see ? does evolution only work for ‘concentrated energy’ creatures and not for ‘energy’ creatures. This is where dowsers are at their best, detecting ‘energy’ consciousness.

To read about ORB’s please view the Waverley Dowsers article HERE

Recently Waverley dowsers had two speakers talking about ‘Angel’s’ and ‘Entity’s’ while at the BSD meetings we have had a range of speakers talking about their experiences with ‘incorporeal’ conciousness’s.

On Sunday the 15th of November Sussex dowsers will be presenting a talk by Sarah Haywood

Sarah Haywood is a Spiritual Growth Mentor.  She works with Angels and Spirit Guides to bring messages to help you align to your purpose.  She can teach you how to connect to your inner self and other guides to help transform your life into a happier and healthier one.

Sarah will introduce you to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), share her story of transformation and help you discover how Angels and Spirit Guides can enhance your life.

Sarah is the chair of the Poole Positive Living Group.  She offers Angel Card readings, dowsing courses, and Spiritual Growth courses in Dorset. She has produced several channelled e-books . To read more about her events or to find free downloads of channelled pieces you can go to    or


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