When Peter Knight came to Waverley dowsers to share his twenty five years of investigations in to the ancient Spiritual world of Britain, we were pleasantly surprised as he shared himself for eighty minutes as he talked about Dragons at the root of all religions on all continents and the hidden Dragons in Christian iconology […]

The events page has been updated for Waverley Dowsers Events for the rest of 2018, to see what the events are please follow this link HERE: http://www.waverleydowsers.co.uk/dowsing-events/ For those of you and for those who couldn’t make the talk about Dragons recently, please note that we will be visiting a local Church that contains a […]

Waverley dowser and professional gardener Michael Haxeltine will be providing some ancient and not so ancient methods of the best of the best for successful planting, sharing good gardening tips, companion planting as well as using a simple dowsing method to provide your woody plants with the best chance of survival, this method MO (magnetic […]

There can be found many types of energy lines flowing across the Earths surface and it has been noted by many dowsers that Bee’s, Wasps and Ants prefer to build their colony’s on energy lines that most dowsers will tell you is detrimental to humans, Oak trees also prosper on this type of energy lines […]

At the Waverley dowsers evening meeting two of the groups members gave a talk based around healing oneself and others. First Ken Collinson talked about his early spiritual healing that was spontaneously channelled through him and his later journey towards discovering the abilities that all people have in providing energetic healing. While Geoff Mitchell the […]

There has been many a discussion started when people are asked the question, ‘are you predominately left brain or right brain’ the difference between the two are quite startlingly different, most people seem to use both parts of their brain depending on the task, while others grow up becoming dominant on one side or the […]

Recently a group of people of people from Farnborough Crondal, Godalming, Lightwater, Frimley, Woking, Fleet and Southampton met in Farnborough to explore:- • why some trees had very twisted branches which could not be accounted as vandalism or being affected by the prevailing wind • what happened to a possible fountain • what happened to […]

Check out the full article about the Sacred temple well that we investigated and dowsed, the Temple Well is on the side of a Mountain long ago forgotten and overgrown with Trees, there are various claims for why it was constructed, all of which seem to be worshipping the sun, moon or stars, but perhaps […]

Carnac in France and Brittany (France)  in general has an ancient relationship with Britain, even today there are Dragon energy connections between the two country’s as well other forms of energy connections, not withstanding that the culture that built the Megaliths from Scotland to north Africa was the same culture even if it wasn’t the […]

Finding reasons to dowse and improve yourself can be difficult on occasion, you can’t always go to an ancient Stone Circle or Barrow complex to practise with your dowsing rods and improve your intuition, what we ned is good practical reasons for getting out the Pendulum or the ‘L’ rods and start getting dirty. Waverley […]

In Australia New South wales a 700 Hectare live-stock farm is using the spiritual energy of the land and their animals to provide a profitable enterprise for the owners, to watch the video article follow this link: Subtle Energies in NSW Australia news article   These ideas are not new of course, ancient Brits were […]

Waverley Dowsers who are based in Surrey and have members from parts of Hampshire and Berkshire, England, have been busy in this month of March, we had Mike Haxeltine providing his workshop ‘introduction to Dowsing’ at a well known garden centre as he demonstrated how to use dowsing to find the best planting position for […]

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