After ken’s talk on loving kindness healing this month and the effects of mindfulness on the ability of healers to ‘ramp’ up their healing success, ken will be providing a mindfulness meditation course at Guildford in February, to read more details about the course follow the link below. Mindfulness Meditation in Guildford

At the Waverley dowsers evening meeting two of the groups members gave a talk based around healing oneself and others. First Ken Collinson talked about his early spiritual healing that was spontaneously channelled through him and his later journey towards discovering the abilities that all people have in providing energetic healing. While Geoff Mitchell the […]

Recently former chairman and author Michael Haxeltine was contacted to help solve some mysterious negative experiences that a family had been having in their home over a period of many years, they had previously had their home cleaned of negative energies as well as having several expensive geopathic stress removers installed to counter a range […]

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