Recently Michael Haxeltine from Waverley Dowsers gave far ranging talk to the Woman’s Institute at Sandhurst on many aspects of dowsing.  Most of the audience had heard of water dowsing but not using dowsing with checking ones food for chemicals or the searching for the best place to site a compost bin in the garden. […]

Well Friday 13th can be mostly lucky too, as it was for the people listening to Andy Thomas at his evening lecture on Crop Circles at the Unitarian Hall in Godalming.   Andy is an enthusiast dedicated to the mysteries and the unexplained events of our Planet.     And the Crop Circle phenomenon is certainly in that […]

Andy Thomas will be coming to Waverely dowsers on the friday the 13th Jan 2017 at the Unitarian hall, Godalming to provide a talk on his many years of investigations into Crop Circles. Andy who runs a website called the Truth Agenda where he talks about his many years of investigating the truth behind some […]

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