On the 8th of March, the Waverley dowsers guest speaker will be Adrian Incledon Webber who has promised a fantastic evening talk and practical hands on experience for anyone who turns up on the night. Adrian’s talk and demonstrations starts at 7.30pm and will include spiritual and energy protection’s, dealing with spirit rescue as well […]

Early back in April 2015 Waverley dowsers attended the Tilford Rural Life centre which was the fourth year they had demonstrated the traditional art of dowsing, previously the Waverley dowsers stall was manned by Michael Haxeltine and  helped by other members of the Waverley dowsers, but in 2015 Mike had a weekend off and Ken, […]

When Waverley dowsers were invited to visit Betchworth Castle nr. Dorking, we all got rather excited, the owner of the site provided us with a list of things he would like us to investigate and so it was arraigned, unfortunately the weather fairly miserable and being only a few weeks before Christmas, not very warm […]

Cove Brook Greenway Group Dowsing For the Subtle energies Around Us Tues 16th February 2016 7.30 pmat Blunden Hall, Blunden Road Cove, GU14 For more information: Tel 07510 881939 E-mail: covebrookgg@yahoo.co.uk Web site: www.covebrook.hampshire.org.uk Suitable for both adults & children Full Details available when you open the poster below Dowsing Poster Feb 2016-04

There can be found many types of energy lines flowing across the Earths surface and it has been noted by many dowsers that Bee’s, Wasps and Ants prefer to build their colony’s on energy lines that most dowsers will tell you is detrimental to humans, Oak trees also prosper on this type of energy lines […]

Waverley Dowsers will be planning to see if subtle energies of open space/countryside are under threat in the Surrey Area. In this context subtle energies  are part of a global network of energy lines some beneficial and others detrimental.  Newlands Corner in Surrey is an area which appears to be under threat of having a […]

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