There is a lot of research from thousands of Dowsers from all over the world that can be found on the internet today, dowsers and Earth energy investigators seem to exist in all cultures and with some diligent research you can find a lot of them on the internet. These investigators in general usually research ancient cultures and their manipulation of these Earth energies but the true understanding is that everything is energy and that this energy is dynamic flowing under the pressure’s of energies that poor across the Earth from the Sun, from other planets and from the very currents of space itself. (all atoms (matter) produce an energy field and energy in the form of fundamental particles sweep across the universe)

When ancient civilisations would place a standing stone or stone circle on a landscape these stones would behave in a similar fashion to if you place a stone in a shallow river, the water flow would press against the stone causing eddy, turbulence and locally redirected flows as well as quite water spots and depending on the pressure of water (speed of flow) you would get bigger (different) and more dynamic interacting but predictable reactions. This is what happens with natural energies, on the surface of the Earth dowsers find energy interacting with water, different types of rocks as denser rock or rock with high crystal content etc. all produce different energy effects and all these different energies interact with each other in a most confusing and dynamic manner. Energies interacting with each other, produce further types of energies (different wavelengths as they dampen or accelerate each other, living things also create and radiate energy-waves)

But some Earth energies have been channelled deliberately and it is without doubt the ancient stone age cultures of the world who knew those secrets who would move stones and create their own pattern of beneficial energies for their own purpose, a purpose which we are still searching for, although some dowsers are beginning to tease out this ‘what was it all for’ secrets. Just to make it clear ALL solids (rock in the landscape) shape and produce energies that cause an impact on the environment (including Tree’s and their timber). David Cowan a Scottish Dowser has written several books on his findings, watch his interesting video below.

Davids website below:

Waverley dowsers are also  involved in the investigations of, why, where and for what reasons were Earth energies manipulated by ancient people, you can read many of the Waverley dowsers investigations in our articles section, from archeological dowsing to the exposure of new ideas from the leading lights of the Dowsing world at meetings and talks. If you live in the south and south east of England you could join the Waverley dowsers and beccome involved in these investigations, have some great fun and meet some truely inspiring people.

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