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The Waverley dowsers training session was a full house with fourteen intrepid attendees with various levels of dowsing skills but all eager to investigate the dowsing itch.
With two short hours to work through a full itinerary of dowsing exercise’s and trying to find time for Michael to provide as much knowledge as possible in the short time seemed fairly breathtaking at times, all too soon the hour tea break appeared and it was time for tea and biscuits all round.

The first hour consisted of dowsing ‘L’ rod use and exercise practise while the second hour was taking up with Pendulum training with a whole new fresh set of exercise’s and lots of new information provided to help with using the pendulum. In short there was just not enough time for the Waverley dowsing students to take on board all that was delivered, the good news is that the training session will be replicated again soon so that the students can continue their practise with more experienced guidance.

When the two hour training session was over most of the students stayed behind and continued with another thirty minutes practise and discussion outside the Waverley dowsers hall on the lovely lawn under the huge Tulip Tree (liriodendron tulipifera) which sadly had shed most of its leaves.



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