A talk regarding the Belinus line by  Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare

A talk regarding the Belinus line by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare

All of us at Waverley dowsers had all been looking forward to the visit and talk from Caroline and Gary about their book ‘The Spine of Albion’ and their journey in discovering and dowsing these two long forgotten Dragon lines, but as they unrolled the history of the British landscape and society over the path of this line (Belinus line), it seemed more and more that the memories of these two Dragons may have slipped from the consciousness of the British population at large but there seems to be an underplay of secrecy with the energy lines still somehow been utilised wittingly or unwittingly which begs the question is this spirit energy encouraging people to engage and interact with it for the benefit of both or is it a one sided use of secret societies extracting positives from the Dragon line for their own use. These two questions are ones that may have entwined answers, as the story of what was discovered becomes apparent as you read your way through the book.

Gary and Caroline both came to the Waverley Dowsers meeting hall on a wet and windy evening but it was also a warm evening as if the Dragons themselves had come to listen to a story that they wished had never been forgotten. The buzz of energy was high with people smiling and brimming with excitement as the book, ‘the Spine of Albion’ has been published for a couple of years now and its reputation was beginning to spread as people began to understand the importance that conscious energies have played in the evolution of Gaia.


Interestingly Gary and Caroline’s talk is about how they discovered and what they felt through their dowsing, sprinkled with stunningly interesting facts from British history, while the book concentrates more on the ancient and not so ancient use’s that people have put the Dragon lines through with history shouting loudly ‘THESE DRAGON LINES ARE IMPORTANT’. The talk was full of British history straddling the male and female Dragon lines that weaved their way up the spine of Britain along the central line named as the Belinus line.

Gary informs us that Belinus was one of the ancient Kings of Britain and he provides a brief synopsis of his Kingly line, Belinus is talked about in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s ‘Kings of Britain’ (Historia Regum Britanniae – here) Gary imparted bits of British history which is generally unknown although long documented in dusty parchments or rarely known studies, the talk was littered with gems from archaeology and geology as well as historic facts documented in books as well as lots of local information gleaned from their visits to each site mentioned along the Belinus line.

Gary and Caroline’s unearthing of little known facts and placing them in to the right context was an amazing piece of investigation that has taken Gary fifteen years and Caroline nine years of investigation before they collated their information in to this massive four hundred and seventy eight pages of seductive adventure.

The talk consisted of the starting point at the Isle of Wight and finished some two hours later with a short break for a cup of tea somewhere in the middle which is normal for Waverley dowsers, Gary finished just past Uffington and briefly mentioned some information about Warwickshire, two hours talking to go less than 200 miles, I would think a eight hour talk would be needed to give justice to this brilliant book of the Belinus line and the history built upon its energies.

In short there is a perception that the knowledge of the twin Dragon lines of energy was known about in Neolithic times and venerated with sacred buildings and standing stones and circles built on and used to enhance/direct the energies of both Dragon energy lines, the habit continued through the ages of Church building, secret societies of Knights Templar and Masons taking over the earlier roles of by now secret knowledge with Royalty and the powerful becoming often immersed into these secretive society’s for their patronage and connections, they too would benefit from the enhancing powers of the Dragons, Gary hints on knowledge that has come to light since the publication of their book and willingly brings this new knowledge in to their talk which brings life to the whole presentation.

Gary mentions that he tries to base his talks at different venues on the local sections covered in the book, so if you are in Scotland or the English midlands you will get a huge chunk of local history relevant to your group and then of course you can investigate further in your locality, which is an excellent idea.

I have immersed myself in the book since picking up a signed copy and already the Waverley Dowsers have been talking about investigating some local landmarks mentioned in Garys talk, possibly with Garry and Caroline acting as Shepherds.

The Belinus Line, Gary Biltcliffe’s website

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