The best news in British dowsing for many a year has just been announced with the re-creation of what was once known as the BSD Dowsing forum has been spun out of the BSD website and set up once again for Dowsers world wide to participate in. The British Dowsing Forum as it is now known includes all the original content and discussions going back to 2004 and is a massive resource for the Dowsing fraternity. Pretty much every subject has been discussed and advice given although we know that dowsing does not stand still as new information, skills and discovery’s become known by each successive generation of dowsers.

This new website resource also contains the Earth Energies Group archives of letters which in itself is an in-valuable resource and introduces renowned dowsers to us all along with some great information.

Do visit this new website, add it to your book marks/favourites and sign up to the forum to add your contributions and share with your dowsing friends.

Sunday 9 December: AURA SOMA : Beyond Colour with Jeanine Brownrigg Hanneman

Beyond Colour is a newly inspired vision of Aura-Soma for the time that is to come, to help you hear the message and benefits that Aura-Soma can offer on your journey of self-discovery.

Jeanine is an Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant and registered practitioner. She has been working with Aura-Soma for over 20 years and has used the bottles and essences extensively to support her own journey of inner transformation.

The vibrations of the beautiful colours, oils and essences offer a mirror to your soul to bring awareness to your greatest gifts, where you are on your journey and what you need to release to allow your light to shine.

There will be an opportunity to experience and purchase some of the products, others may be ordered through Jeanine via her email address

Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,

St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG

.   Refreshments available .


Here is a wonderful montage of photographs taken at Rosslyn Chapel and Rosslyn Castle in 2015. There is a surprise for dowsers with this video in that you are invited to dowse the photographs, if you watch the video on YouTube through our new Waverley dowsers YouTube channel, you will be able to read the text associated with this great video montage of photos and the instructions on what to dowse and the questions to ask.

Click here to visit the Waverley Dowsers YouTube Channel


The photos include magical symbols that you can dowse used by the Templars and the Masons, both who have been working within the Chapel over the hundreds of years since it was founded.


Rory Duff who has been dowsing Dragon lines for a number of years and is based at Bristol dowsers has sent out a statement which aligns with what the Wayfinder Wizards have been saying for the last forty years or so, Dragons are important for our health and well being, enjoy Rory’s clarion call.

Many people around the World are sensing something different is happening to them. Social media groups like ‘The Event is happening’ are accumulating thousands of followers. Some people are sensing lies more easily and others are even feeling other people’s pain. These all seem to have coincided with a change in the Earth’s energy lines. Since the summer of 2017 the lines have started to get wider. Since January 2018 new galactic energies/ cosmic energies have been getting past our three reducing magnetic shields (The Earths, the Sun’s and the Local Cloud in which our solar system has been moving through). These new incoming energies have led to a new pair of Emperor Dragon Type 5 energy lines appearing on the surface of the Earth. Predictive dowsing suggests that two more pairs are due in 2019. This will give us a total of six pairs of the most powerful of Dragon lines. With the three magnetic shields reducing in strength, research has shown that the increase in cosmic energy is leading to changes to our DNA. These energies are also interacting with the Sun and the Earth’s Iron Nickel inner core which then, in turn, sends out spherical standing waves of very low frequency sound waves. It is this that is driving the increasing widths of these energy lines that we are dowsing on the surface.

We know that living on these energy lines can affect us both in positive and negative ways, depending on our own attitude, and we also know that their intersections can be places of great power but now it seems that they are also connected to what some are calling the coming Golden Age.

All around the World we find the similar and predominant symbolism of large Snakes, Serpents and Dragons compared to all other animals. The Ouroborus, the Snake that has its tail in its mouth, is found symbolised across cultures and countries. Samples can be found in South America, China, Scandinavia, Egypt, India and Europe.

Having looked at the myths and legends that go with these particular symbols it become easy to see their connection to the large earth energy lines that circle our planet.

This similarity is also included in some of the well-known prophecies. The Q’ero Inca prophecy talks of galactic energy that emanates across space towards the Earth. It talks of 12 Malku, or Energy workers, that will have all arrived back on Earth, having come though portals or gateways, just before the new Age begins. The Hopi Indian blue Kachina prophecy talks about the new Age beginning seven years after the twins have reappeared on the Earth. The twins are known as the God of the North Pole and the South Pole. The new pair of Emperor Dragon lines that reappeared run from the North to the South Pole and on closer inspection of the prophecy, they could well represent the twins. If this is right we are now in a seven year transition zone.

Even the more recent prophecies seem to mirror this connection between snakes and earth energies and the coming new age. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the great German writer, statesman and philosopher, wrote a Fairy tale called the Green Snake and the beautiful Lily. A new interpretation of this story shows that the Green Snake is the only one that knows when the prophecy is going to happen. In the story the snake too slides into an Ouroborus shape and is quite clearly a symbol for these energies.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Steiner Schools and Anthroposophy, spent many years trying to understand Goethe’s fairy story. He too recognised that a new Epoch was coming and that the Earth’s environment would change again. He went on to say that it would give us the chance again to evolve our consciousness. He talked of a return to a form of Group Soulness. During the last few thousand years we have been experiencing a form of Individual Soulness. This time around Steiner says we are better positioned to take advantage of what is coming.

There now appears to be a cyclical nature with the galactic energies getting through to the Earth. Over large timescales the Earth seems to be passing in and out of magnetic regions of Space like the Local Cloud. Now knowing the DNA changing effect that an increase in cosmic energies has on humans, we can perhaps see how Steiner’s different and changing evolutionary Epoch’s could fit with the shielding and non-shielding effect of passing through different regions of magnetic fields in space. A group Soulness, according to Rudolf Steiner, would bring back a group mentality where telepathy and clairvoyance were common place. That may seem great but it appears we would also feel each other’s fears and pain as well.

The question now though is what we should do. For that we can look to see what the Earth Energy lines have been teaching us over the last few years.

When mapping lines it became apparent that some of the lines had been moved in the past. It was re-discovered by the well-known dowser Hamish Miller that lines could be moved again. This has resulted in understanding what good looks like when the lines are moved to where they wanted to be.

This has led to realising that what is important are the intersections and the numbers and types of lines that meet at these places, which are called nodes. These sacred places, or energy intersections, are dynamic in that the energy they contain varies constantly in direction, shape and form. What is really significant though is that they can take on a symmetrical shape. When this happens, or when nodes are repaired so that this is the outcome, we find specific energy shapes occurring just four times a year.

It is these four occasions, whilst on their sacred sites, that our ancestors back in the Stone Age, and even in some places the Bronze Age, spent time together in group meditation.

The energies on these occasions seem to provide an environment that benefits the human mind and body in many different ways. In many of the prophecies we are told to gather and pray or meditate if we are to benefit and evolve our consciousness.

For these reasons it is now thought that we must all pray or meditate in groups again in the lead up to the new Age which now appears to be less than 7 years away if the Hopi Indians have their numbers right.

Waverley Dowsers have their own Dragons flowing through the Unitarian hall, so any activity around meditation, Prayer or other heartfelt activities such as Singing or Yoga are hugely beneficial to the Dragons and the Planet and these beautiful heartfelt thoughts will be carried around the globe. Rory will be speaking in January in Bristol on Earth Energies, Leylines and Nodes and more of Rory’s research can be found at his website

Waverley dowsers who have been dowsing Dragon lines at Churches and ancient sacred sites understand the need for Dragons to be highly considered and agree with Rory to connect with Dragons as much as possible.

Peter Knight and his Wonderful Talk on Dragons in Culture, Religion and the Landscape

When Peter Knight came to Waverley dowsers to share his twenty five years of investigations in to the ancient Spiritual world of Britain, we were pleasantly surprised as he shared himself for eighty minutes as he talked about Dragons at the root of all religions on all continents and the hidden Dragons in Christian iconology and symbolism.

Did you know that the Dragon is the symbol of the City of London?   just one of the many secret and sacred bits of Dragon lore that Peter had unearthed over his twenty five year long investigations on his long journey.

Here is Peters talk, share it with your friends and keep a bookmark in your browser as you will want to come back and listen again.



Previous Waverley knowledge about Dragons, follow the link.

Dragon Conciousness and Dragon lines

When Christopher Strong came to Waverley dowsers in 2018 to provide a talk based upon his wide range of skills and long experience, we were delighted when he agreed to be recorded so that we can share his insights to the world.

Christopher did not disappoint regaling us all with some wonderful stories which in the dowsing world is the perfect way to teach dowsing, by providing this information of what is possible and what was done, the dowser can go away and practise the very same methods.

Christopher has written a very well received book on his dowsing journey entitled ‘Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser’ which is available from the Penwith press Here this book is also available from the British Society of Dowsers (BSD) Here

This book is a must for all dowsers both young and old, new and experienced.

We hope you enjoy this fantastic talk, and please feel free to share Christopher’s talk and this page with your friends.




Michael Haxeltine, now in his eighties is trying to reintroduce Dowsing/Radiesthesia into all arms HM forces and at the same time recognising the high tech advancements the armed forces work with.

Royal Engineers could make use of an innovative use of the modified Bovis Units Scale/ Gigahertz  for assessing quantity of beneficial/harmful effect in the military context.

Michael recently gave a presentation to a group of Royal Engineers’ which went down well, the audience was particularly interested in understanding the history of dowsing used by the Royal Engineers in the 1930 and onwards and the trials undertaken by Colonel Bell

He told me he is trawling for opportunities, in all arms of the armed forces in the UK to give presentations as steps towards reintroducing this mysterious science into the HMF. The subject was taught to royal engineers Officers in the 1960’s who on completion of dowsing training had their service record endorsed as “having the knowledge”.

He has spent time searching for any resemblance of a syllabus from the 60s. In the absence of an MoD approved dowsing syllabus he has developed a syllabus; on his own for use by the UK armed forces.

However if you might have used “ the Knowledge” and can further guide him as to the content of this earlier syllabus, please contact

I asked him why he is so keen on his self set task. He simply said “ this is to save future fiscal issues and reducing an expenditure on wreaths” a phrase he used in 2005 in a military association journal. That dates the start of his quest.

He said that the recent body search in Germany could have been enhanced by a dowsing search using Colonel Bell’s initiative from the early 30’s when he was  a founder member of the British Society of Dowsers.

He spoke briefly about Colonel Bell RE and his pioneering work on distant “map” dowsing where it is possible to search from a map in the UK for a lost object hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Michael demonstrated to the royal engineers how to complete a dowsing search for something in the southern hemisphere from the UK. Michael encouraged us to use positive map dowsing skills to locate two unsolved murders – historic dowsing and for current location to find where he lived. Michael added that information could be dowsed from a photograph.

He said using the same skills it ought to be possible to plot the edges of a mine field and find terrorist “safe Houses”.

He briefly mentioned how “watchers” could influence the the outcome of experiments. Heisenberg discovered this in the early 40’s.

At this stage of his presentation most of the on lookers were starting to realise that the subject was not a micky mouse presentation. It helped when a Member of Staff (RE) recalled finding by rod dowsing a 500 lb bomb.

In order to show the need for the mind to focus and not be diverted by the sub conscious he tasked the group  to find a mills bomb on someone in their midst. In addition he showed us all how to search for hidden objects by combination of finger pointing and pendulum dowsing. He gave us very little time to complete the task  which forced us to not allow the sub conscious to negate our dowsing.

I am indebted to Geoff Mitchell current Chair of Waverley Dowsers – for reducing the original scale card


Of the many subject areas he covered one was the application of a Gigahertz scale to evaluate and compare a range of functions. This is an example of the scale he was pioneering which is used in connection with directional/search mode dowsing.

A task which some of the Group rose to was to evaluate three drafts for the lecture he was giving.   The method was to directional dowse over the Scale above and ask the question before the presentation.

The Method is to give a little momentum to the pendulum and allow it to swing to and fro over the scale.

Then ask the dowsing question “what is the energy level of this object” – It will then oscillate over the Scale and quite quickly hover and settle on a graduation. That is your response.

He added the following points concerning the use of the scale – measuring vulnerability prior to doing a security sweep – halting a patrol before they got to within range of an IED by dowsing scanning or map dowsing.

Dowsing or the French term Radiesthesia is achieved by the operator picking up spirals of energy either given off or taken in. The spirals constitute a signature which are taken in by the dowsers brain, then, un-scrambled by the brain to create useable information. The energy is subtle energy and is in a spectrum of energy yet to be defined in lay terms.

If you would like Michael to demonstrate possible diverse: including dowsing gardening applications to your Group please contact Michael on the above e mail address.  End

Michael Haxeltine has a service background and trained horticulture

He has self published three books with one in French relating to dowsing and public policy  and another on trees and public health policy in relation to subtle energies.  His Bovis book which has some military relevance can be viewed on He has been a Civilian Instructor  with the Gordon’s School CCF for over 21 years.


For further free downloads provided by Michael and Waverley dowsers, please follow the links below:

Dowsers Mager & Hunter Colour Chart

Dowsing Guidance for all Dowsers







Sunday 11 November: The Power of Centre with Gary Biltcliffe.
and Caroline Hoare

Gary and Caroline will introduce their exciting new book ‘The Power of Centre’.

Following on from their groundbreaking work on the Belinus line, they have been continuing their spiritual travelogue of Albion and its earth mysteries. They have been focused on the exploration and research of the ancient navel or focal points of Britain and Ireland.

They will discuss why ancient civilisations regarded geographical centres as spiritually important places. They will also reveal their connection with old and modern pilgrim routes, the healing potential within the land, and the worship of the Celtic Aquarian goddess Bride.


PROGRAMME October 2018 – January 2019
Meetings start at 2pm Doors open 1.40pm.

Sussex Dowsers Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,
St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG

Refreshments available .
Contact Sandra on –

Sunday 9 December: AURA SOMA : Beyond Colour with Jeanine Brownrigg Hanneman

Beyond Colour is a newly inspired vision of Aura-Soma for the time that is to come, to help you hear the message and benefits that Aura-Soma can offer on your journey of self-discovery.

Jeanine is an Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant and registered practitioner. She has been working with Aura-Soma for over 20 years and has used the bottles and essences extensively to support her own journey of inner transformation.

The vibrations of the beautiful colours, oils and essences offer a mirror to your soul to bring awareness to your greatest gifts, where you are on your journey and what you need to release to allow your light to shine.

There will be an opportunity to experience and purchase some of the products, others may be ordered through Jeanine via her email address
Sunday 13 January: Keshe Technology – GANS and Plasma with
Oliver Perceval and Malcolm Bosher

GANS plasma is a new alchemical substance.. It has applications in healing, agriculture, power production, and decontamination.

Oliver and Malcolm will share the background, key principles, concepts and applications of this technology that is given to mankind by Mr Keshe of the Keshe Foundation.

Oliver is an architect and geomancist who now works for Keshe Foundation Global Management Team, helping develop the first factories to get GANS to a wider market.

Malcolm is experimenting and sharing the knowledge in many practical ways, and gathering amazing feedback and testimonials.

There will also be a ‘plasma cocoon’ in which you can experience the effects of the energy fields emitted by water which has been informed by the GANS substances.

It is possible to learn to make it yourself in your home from zinc and copper.

Sunday 10 February: Healing in Crop Circles and the Other Side
of the Coin! with Lucy Pringle

Lucy Pringle is a professional aerial photographer, author and lecturer. She is a founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and is widely known as an international authority on the subject. She is a pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems.

Lucy will share with us stories of remarkable experiences she has had during thirty years of researching changes that can happen to people, animals and indeed electrical equipment as a result of spending time inside and in close proximity to crop circles.

To put her work in context, Lucy will also explain some of the scientific aspects of her research, the current focus of which is to find temporary relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

After the tea break, you will have the opportunity to dowse some photos of crop circles.

Waverley Dowsers Friday 9th November 2018 19.15pm for 19.30pm

Kay Kraty Therapeutic Properties of Sound will provide an introduction on the therapeutic properties of sound Kay will also talk about and demonstrate sound healing and the importance of using sound to bring about healing.

Kay will explain the physics of sound related to the gong and provide experiential examples and exercises demonstrating sonic entrainment and finally ending with a short sound experience.

Kay is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
She has many areas of expertise including Spiritual Philosophy:
Sound Healing: Gong training: Drum circle: Shamanic journeying:
Crystals and Life Symbols Cards and Books.

Venue: Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming, GU7 3JB
Opposite the Texaco Garage on the A3100
Members £5.00 Visitors £8.00 Free refreshments

Meetings are held every 2nd Friday of the month. Check our events page for more information
contact Chairman Geoff on 01276 472977

The Waverley Dowsers Society is both a fun and a scientific group. We meet to learn and
practice dowsing.This includes earth energy forces which can adversely and beneficially
affect our houses, gardens and work places. and a lot more besides. Also learn about hands
on energy for healing.

A rare opportunity to go on a dowsing course centred around the Universal Pendulum, used all over Europe and a proven successful tool for dowsing healers. These courses are ideal for Dowsers, Radiesthesia and Radionics healing practitioners.

General Dowsing and Healing Workshop and Universal Pendulum Workshop – 17/18 November 2018 – Callington, Cornwall, UK.

General Dowsing
and Healing with
Energy Devices & Pendulums
Saturday 17th November 2018 – Callington, Cornwall, UK
Universal Pendulum Workshop
Sunday 18th November 2018 – Callington, Cornwall, UK

Please note your diary for the upcoming workshops organised at a venue near Callington, Cornwall.

Information at where bookings can be made.

Also some venue details on Facebook HERE the home of

Day 2 is a special one day event for existing owners and users of the U.P. but also a good follow-on for those attending the Energy Dowsing and Healing Workshop on Day 1 for more advanced work.

Schedule and further details upon booking.


Some videos below to help you discover more about this Dowsing tool:




Linda Prentice continues Waverley Dowsers season of practise and training with a talk and some practise on how to find water and how to discover the depth, flow and clarity of the water.

Find out how a Water Diviner not only locates the recommended
site for drilling a borehole, but also determines the probable
depth,quality, quantity and mineral content of the water.
Linda will talk about the process she uses , site visits and
unexpected experiences. The talk will cover dowsing and map
dowsing for water, Pitfalls, tips, what to look for and record.
Audience participation encouraged with practical demonstrations

Please arrive for 7.15 pm on friday 12th October as the talk will be starting at 7.30pm the venue will be the Waverley Dowsers normal meeting venue at the Unitarian hall, Godalming.

Bring your dowsing tools as Linda will be encouraging audience participation in finding water

Sussex Dowsers training day at Chichester, PO197LG

Sunday 14 October: Improve your Dowsing with Sandy McKenzie and David Charman

Sandy will share hints and tips to improve your Pendulum dowsing results.
David will lead a session outside to practice with Rods to find underground water and archaeology.
Bring you favorite pendulums and rods. Pendulums and Rods will be available to borrow.

Sandy and David have been involved with Sussex Dowsers for more than 20 years.

Meetings start at 2pm Doors open 1.40pm
Admission is £5 for everyone.

Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,
St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG

Sandy and David will be demonstrating and working with healing practise’s they have a wide range of knowledge and skills which they are keen to share with you. Sandy also sells some wonderful pendulums and may have some on the day for you to purchase.

The Waverley Dowsers training day a week earlier on Saturday the 6th October,  the venue will be the normal meeting venue at the Unitarian Hall Godalming, Surry GU7 3JB:

Geoffrey will be providing the training for dowsers and his specialities are map dowsing and spiritual dowsing, he will introduce you to the Dragon line (ley line) at the venue as well as show you how to dowse the energy fields of the Trees that are in the grounds of the Unitarian church plus lots more that make it ideal for new comers as well as experienced dowsers.

Both of these Dowsing Training days complement each other and are a must for any budding dowser as well as the more experienced dowser to extend their knowledge and skills.

Waverley dowsers will be providing a day of training on Saturday the 6th October, all are welcome including children (attended with an adult) the venue will be our normal meeting venue at the Unitarian Hall Godalming, Surry GU7 3JB:

There is limited Free parking on the site for early birds but a large public car park just across the road which is very cheap.

Dowsing is not just about finding water, useful as this is for finding leaks and the missing water mains in the garden but dowsing can also be used for finding things as well as identifying energies in the home and garden that could be conducive and useful for wellbeing. Dowsing for health is a much sought after skill.

Basic Dowsing Course is in the morning and a more advanced course in the afternoon after lunch.

Basic starts at 10.00 (please arrive for 9.30 am) and will last for 2 hours with a mid break for tea.
There will be a talk on the background to Dowsing; what it is and how to carry it out. Practical uses and exercises in the hall and weather permitting outside as well. Cost £10

Advanced Dowsing course starts at 13.30 (please arrive for 1pm) and will last for two hours with a mid break for tea and biscuits. One could call this Basic Two since the subject is very large; it includes further techniques and principles and an outline of what can be achieved in your own development. Practical uses and exercises. Cost £10

Dowsing tools and equipment will be provided for free for you to use with advise on how to make or where to buy your equipment for future use.

If you are doing both sessions then the cost is £15 for both. You can pay on the day if you prefer to. We would like to know if you are coming, but if you do decide to go at the last moment; just turn up!

For further details or queries please call Geoff on 01276 472977

To purchase professional dowsing tools, please visit Grahame’s website:

You can visit our ‘Dowsing friend’ pages websites for dowsing groups nearer to where you live HERE

The International Association of Health Dowsers & the Association of Energy Therapists will be holding their annual convention at the Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel, Windsor Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0AG on Saturday 27th October 2018.

This luxury venue provides a beautiful riverside setting for our event.

We have four knowledgeable speakers leading a diverse and experiential learning opportunity.

As a participant you will benefit from this amazing gathering of experts and therapists.

In addition, you will also enjoy lunch in this stunning hotel’s restaurant.

This event is offered for an unbeatable price of

£80 for AET, IAHD & ACTTS members and £90 for non-members.

We also have a special offer if you book with a friend!

Once again, this exceptional experience is made possible by the organisers subsidising the event.

To book your place

Complete the form below and return it along with a cheque made payable to the “International Association of Health Dowsers” to Jane Court, 10, Madox Brown End, College Town, Sandhurst, Berkshire GU47 0GJ

by the 6th October 2018


To download your application form, please click on the link below and print off the form, alternatively email Jane Court ( )

Runnymede Convention Booking & Details 2018

Peter knight (author of 11 books) looks at the myths of dragons & serpents, their association with the grail, alchemy, earth energies and dowsing. How we can react with dragon forces today. He looks at the deeper aspects of what dragons really are and what they have meant to people over thousands of years.

Peter Knight on the Subject of Dragons – Friday 14th Sept at the Unitarian Hall, Godalming.

7.30pm start, doors open at 7pm


Previous talks on Dragon lines and Dragons at Waverly dowsers.

Dragons – The Bigger Picture and their Role in the Universe – Friday the 13th

Space Dragons with the Electric Universe

Dragon Conciousness and Dragon lines

The 2018 British Society of Dowsers annual Symposium over the weekend of the 14th – 16th September 2018 at the University of Leicester has a great reputation of introducing new ideas to the dowsing fraternity. Below are the key points of this years lectures:


14th – 16th September 2018
Stamford Court, University of Leicester,
Manor Road, Oadby, LE2 2LH

We are immensely proud of our Annual Conference and rightly so! It is a wonderful gathering of dowsers coming together from far and wide to enjoy being informed, inspired and entertained by our expert speakers and workshop leaders but also relishing the opportunity to engage in discussion with a cross-section of the dowsing community. From the novice dowser attending Conference for the first time to the expert dowser who wouldn’t miss it for the world, we all have dowsing in common and much to share with each other. It is rare to find a group of people so gloriously egalitarian, welcoming and inclusive as the dowsing family so it is only right and proper that we are proud of that too.

Book now for the Early Bird rate HERE

In addition to the five keynote speakers, the sixteen workshops and time to be spent enjoying each other’s company we will have, this year, a rare opportunity to learn about and to experience the strange phenomenon that is GANS.

Our venue once more is Stamford Court, the University of Leicester’s light and airy conference centre in the leafy surroundings of Oadby, on the southern side of the city. Close by is John Foster Hall which houses the restaurant and bar. The restaurant’s chefs are proud of their reputation for adapting their food to suit the needs of those with dietary restrictions.

Understandably, they need to be notified in advance so do, please, let us know when you book if you have special requirements. Accommodation for the weekend is in single, en-suite, student rooms arranged in small flats in buildings adjacent to John Foster Hall. The whole site is wheelchair friendly and specially adapted rooms are available, some with carer’s accommodation. Please let us know if you would like to reserve one of those.

Keynote Speakers
Friday Afternoon
Karen French will talk about Sacred Geometry: Its Significance and Potential Within Your Reality.
She says that without geometry there would be no time, no space, no possibility of our existence. Learn about the meaning and purpose of 5 essential, yet simple, geometric shapes that are fundamental to the construction of reality and a universal model called the Gateway to the Heavens – comprising of the circle, square, triangle, cross and spiral.
Hear why they have been used down the centuries as potent symbols and tools across all cultures, particularly when used with sacred intent, activated by sound and imbued with the colours of light. No complex mathematics is included or needed to appreciate their potency or to use them to effect.

Saturday Morning
Lucy Pringle’s talk is entitled Healing in Crop Circles and the Other Side of the Coin!
A professional aerial photographer, author and lecturer, Lucy is also a founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and is widely known as an international authority on the subject and the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields in living systems.
For her talk at Conference, Lucy will share with us stories of remarkable experiences she as had during thirty years of researching changes that can happen to people, animals and indeed electric equipment as a result of spending time inside and in close proximity to crop circles. As her title suggests, these changes can be therapeutic or they can be quite the reverse.
To put her work in context, Lucy will also explain some of the scientific aspects of her research, the current focus of which is to find temporary relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The science involved in her work will then be covered in greater depth during her workshops.

Saturday Afternoon
Simon Brown’s talk is about Face Reading.
His intention at Conference is to help us to understand ourselves in terms of our own energy, known as Chi in China, and how this energy interacts with the outside.
This is a very revealing journey that will start in his talk on Face Reading and move on in his workshops entitled Human Energy to the whole person.
This is a very revealing journey that will start in his talk on Face Reading and move on in his workshops entitled Human Energy to the whole person.
The aim is to better understand how we can make our energy and, in particular, the energy around us work so that we can more easily succeed in life. The aim is to be sailing with the wind, or swimming with the tide so that we achieve more with less effort.

Sunday Morning
Annie Penny has worked as a healer for 20 years in cancer care centres, hospitals and
hospice care. Much of her work has been with serious illness, particularly cancer.
In her uplifting talk entitled Healing into Death, Annie will draw on stories of working with people who were dying and how healing helped them pass over peacefully.
Through her work she has been helped by many incredible teachers to put together a ritual to help people positively prepare for death while still well.
For her book on dying, Annie interviewed many wise Eastern and Western teachers, channels, and people who have had Near Death Experiences. In this talk Annie will share some of their stories and their advice for positively preparing for death, the moment of death and the afterlife.

Sunday Afternoon
Jim Lyon’s talk at Conference is entitled The Conscious Cosmos, about which he says that the ongoing failure of the current Big Bang description of the Cosmos is yielding an
emerging new model of the Mind-Matter connection. It is the “SpinSpace” concept of
spiralling electric filaments forming a grid network throughout the Cosmos. Galaxies emerge at cross-over points on this network.
The primary source of energy is electricity in the plasma state, for example the light from the Sun.
This self- organising fluid-like material occupies well over 99% of cosmic matter. The Earth Energy Grid defines the layout of Ancient Sites and indeed Medieval Churches. Its energy is detected by our Third Eye, the key to dowsing. The structure of everything is dictated by harmonics based on the Diatonic Scale. Jim’s talk will outline the features of this emerging model.

Space Dragons here on Earth!

When Alfred Watkins used the old english word ‘Ley’ to describe the alignments he noticed in the English countryside, I doubt he gave a thought to the people who came later and mis-interpreted what his book was explaining.

So for those who like to truly understand the true source of something, you can buy his book from Amazon, it is called ‘The Old Straight Track’ notice the title!  this is actually very important for accuracy because Alfred wrote and described something very important which got mis-interpreted by the people in the sixties and it has held up public information and education ever since.

Below are some transcripts of talks that Alfred Watkins gave after the publication of his book.

Some promoted the incorrect term ‘energy ley or ley line’ to identify the Dragon lines that Hamish Miller had recognised and identified as Spiritual energy line’s of consciousness (Dragon lines) which have the serpentine path or action. Although I happen to believe that all energy is conscious.

Ley lines are ancient Mesolithic and later neolithic man made trackways through the temperate tree forests of Europe, they probably allowed people to travel and trade on known trade routes as well as build their habitations along them, (you can dowse paths made by humans and animals) there was also a French author ‘Xavier Guichard’ who wrote a similar book to explain what was discovered in France and how so many villages, towns and city’s all bearing either the same name or something similar and all on straight tracks generated from one centre point (constant travel).

Landscape can also create ‘leys’ or straight lines of energy between indents/cuttings and promontories or outcrops as the natural electrical energy at the surface of the Earth will connect for various reasons, and of course not withstanding conscious or unconscious human intention which may have been done by accident or on purpose. (between churches and another spiritual location, old or new)


For those dowsers who track Dragon lines they will know that they are not a straight line but a line that meanders like a river or Serpent of energy across the countryside swinging from one direction to another and even returning upon itself as its consciousness decides, Dragon lines circumnavigate the globe to continue their ribbon of energy over and over.

When dowsing, the mind goes in to a focused state that has been compared to mindfulness meditation.

There are many things that can be accomplished using dowsing and utilising your intention, here is a quick video example of a Waverley Dowser, Michael Haxeltine teaching how to create your own energy circle that will help to keep an area warmer in the winter to protect delicate garden plants. This is an easy thing to accomplish and demonstrates the practical use of dowsing which can provide many benefits for yourself and your garden plants. Come along to the Waverley dowsers training days to learn how to improve your dowsing.

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Waverley Dowsers have some interesting dates coming up soon. We will be continuing our outside dowsing trips by staying in Godalming for the next one. We shall be visiting the Lammas lands behind the Unitarian Church on the friday the 13th July. Come to our normal friday meeting spot at the Unitarian hall at 7 – 7.30 and we will walk to the location to which should take no more than 6 -8 minutes. We know there are some archaeological remains to dowse for.

The Lammas lands are designated as a:

  • a Site of Nature Conservation Importance because of its high wildlife value, particularly birds and invertebrates
  • an Area of High Archaeological Potential
  • an Area of Strategic Visual Importance.

Don’t forget to check the Waverley dowsers website Events page to know what is going on.


On our Friends page on the Waverley Dowsers website, we have links to many many, Dowsing groups in the UK that you can visit from Yorkshire to Cornwall and read what they are up to:

One of the links on our friends page is the Wessex Research Group which has a fascinating monthly news letter which is worth having a read as it lists lots of alternative ‘Talks’ going on each month.

Thank you to all of you who came to the Dunsfold Church meeting, I think everyone was delighted in the Dragons, the Elf’s and the Goddess energies that many of you were finding and connecting to and should now be able to find yourself (go and visit old churches, they were built on Sacred energy spots).

The male and female doorways were an interesting example of what is available to interact with, even though you can’t see it!! This is the adventure of Dowsing!.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next meetings.

Geoff and Ken will also be attending the Sun and Moon festival and they will be providing workshops on dowsing which will include everything that they can squeeze in to over the full week. (howto, dowse and communicate with the invisible Universe, how to map dowse, how to find, Elf’s, Dragons and how to heal yourself as well as heal the land.


Christopher Strong was first taught to dowse by his five year old son and has since gone from strength to strength in growing his skills. Dowsing now for more than 35 years Christopher released a book a few years ago, ‘Autobiography of a sceptical dowser’ which talks through his journey and how his skills have grown, the secret as he will explain in this talk at Waverley dowsers is ‘do not be afraid’ and to practise everyday.

Christopher will be providing his talk at the Waverley Dowsers Unitarian hall, Godalming on the 8th June at 7.30 pm, this is a must come if you need to improve your dowsing or would like to start dowsing he will also have copies of his book on sale which he will autograph. A perfect opportunity to ask those questions on how to clear energies from your home, the garden or to self heal as well as talking to spirits.

Buy Christopher’s Book HERE

A recent event with Christopher Strong

On the next day, saturday the 9th Waverley dowsers will be at Dunsfold Church so if you wish to practise your dowsing, talk to spirits, find ancient stone circles then make sure you come along, if you have no dowsing rods bring your pendulum and I am sure someone can lend you a dowsing rod. The experienced dowsers will be able to offer guidance and answer your questions during your fantastic experience.


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