Roger Taylor has been investigating ‘life energies’ for many years, he is a keen follower of the “torsion-field” theory and the the spin of atoms and their secondary energies which can be understood and quantified. With many years of investigation and experimentations with growth enhancement and understanding of Pyramid energy, Roger will be sharing his years of research with Waverley dowsers at the Unitarian Hall on February 8th at 7.30 pm. Below is a short synopsis from Roger on his fascinating talk.

Roger will tell how he first began experimenting with dowsing on a small pyramid which took him along to understanding that he was responding to what has been called (among many names) “life energy”. This is now understood to be an influence promoting order, or organisation. Thus it is a syntropic influence – best understood in physics by the Russian “torsion-field” theory. He went on to develop a quantitative method, and identified various sources, and to show how such a syntropic influence would enhance seedling growth, and charge water so that it became dowsable. Later developing a method to dowse entropic influences (such as combustion), and showed that they could and would inhibit seedling growth.

A much ignored subject by the mainstream but providing consistent positive results for many investigators in over fifty years of research culminating with the building of the Russian Pyramids.

Further self investigation for our members can be found below:

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