The Great Pyramid of Cholula or mountain Pyramid

Considered so sacred it was buried to prevent the Spanish conquistadors from finding it this is the largest manmade structure ever found on Earth built in those times.

With more than a hundred Dragon lines crossing at this point you can understand why the ancient people built a Sacred Pyramid on the site. The Pyramid has been judged to have been built approx 300BC but it may be older and is still been investigated by archaeologists as it may be Olmec built.

If you are visiting Mexico, go and visit the site, dowse and connect with the Dragon energies as three of the Dragon lines also flow through England on their world wide journey.


20,000 year old mountain Pyramid in Java, Indonesia


30,000 year old Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Europe with energy broadcast from the peak documented and measured as well as underground water channels just like the Egyptian Giza Pyramids.



A round up of Mountain Pyramids worldwide in the following video.

One thing that has been discovered over the years are the manmade water channels cut in to the bed rock under the Pyramids of Giza and similar water channels under Mexican Pyramids as well as the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

Another aspect to consider is that the Stone circles of the British isles also attract underground springs, with many dowsers and investigations concluding that the rotating energy of the circles act as an attraction to underground water which works it through the ground to criss-cross under the Stone circles. Dowsers have found that the energy signature of Stone circles is exactly the same as the energy signature of the Pyramids.

Dowsing Lessons and Talks

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