Advanced Busby pebbles talk and training for all participants, Professional dowser and healer Steve Taylor will be sharing his Busby Pebbles technique with an advanced session. Steve will have a selection of Pebbles available, but we suggest you bring your own pebble from the garden with you just in case there is not enough to go around.

Steve Taylor will be demonstrating the Busby Pebble technique of anchoring intent to a pebble for the purposes of, in this instance, healing and wellbeing.

The pebble with the intent to heal applied can be given to the recipient for whom the healing is focused and intended for and the healing will transfer over the suitable time period.

Everyone will be able to have a turn at this and should come along to the meeting with someone in mind for whom they would like to create a Busby pebble for.

The advance part of the technique is where we will all attempt a group cosmic energy busby pebble with everyone focusing their energy to one recipient.
The course/talk will start at 7.30pm at the Unitarian hall (our normal meeting place) and there will be a break for tea and biscuits as normal.
Feel free to bring your friends for this unique instruction and bring a spare pebble if you can.
Visit Stephens website for Geopathic surveys and water well exploration:

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