Sept. 7th .Sat. “BSD AGM & Conference”; Worcester. Geoff is Attending and is happy to car share if any wishes to join him.

Sept.13th. Fri. John Baker “An Experienced Practical Dowser recalls” John will talk about his experiences as a proffesional dowser over the years, the great thing about dowsing is, that you only need the idea, and then you should be able to emulate.

Oct. 5th.Sat. “Dowsing Training day”; two courses, one in the morning starting at 10.00am and one in the afternoon starting at 2pm –  An introduction to and basic dowsing training in the morning, ideal for you to introduce family and friends to an interesting pastime –  the afternoon dowsing session will build on the morning session and introduce dowsers to concepts and practical dowsing that will take most dowsers out of the comfort zones. (prices are £10 per session or £15 for the whole day)

Oct.11th.Fri. David Charman “Energy Viewing”, practical tips and interactive exercises with demonstrations on how to see human energy fields and interpret them.

Nov.8th. Fri. Ken Collinson “Connecting with Love Within and Without”, using two unique meditation’s that will connect you to the love within your heart with a beautiful Bhuddists meta meditation which will open up your heart to the frequencys of love and aid in cleaning away any hurt that resides within, this will be followed after a short discussion and break with the wonderful Yogic style meditation that will connect your heart energies to the love of heaven and Earth while providing the opportunity to share that love to people or to Gaia in a transformational act of giving.

Dec.13th.Fri. “Christmas Fun” Lots of chat, mince pies and the odd short presentation.

Jan.10th.Fri. Chris Jacob “Homeopathy” Benefits in Health and Wellbeing.

Jan.(16th). Christmas Meal at a Local Hostalry.

Feb.14th.Fri. (Elizabeth Brown “Special Dowsing”. To be confirmed).

Mar.13th.Fri. Peter Knight – Peter has a new book Albion Dreamtime just published on the Spiritual mysteries and landscapes of Britain a labour of love this is a fascinating book on the spiritual landscapes and interactions of humans in the use of that landscape over millennium.

Apr.3rd.Fri. AGM and shorter lecture.

May.8th.Fri. Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare “Branches to the Belinius Line”.

June & July.Fri. We try and get out and about, locally, in the warmer weather.

July.(19th.) Sun. “Members’ Picnic Lunch”

July.26th.Sun. Rustic Sunday, Milford.

You will find this Diary of events on the Events page for future inspection and updates or changes will be published on the events page, if anything is changed or canceled it will be also placed on the news page – here, members get a separate email on updates as well as information for private or members only events.

Plus whatever turns up!  So please do your own investigations and let us know if they would be suitable for a WD visit.

Our programme has included:-

  • Basic and advanced training
  • Chakras in humans and animals
  • Dowsing to aid a local historians’ researches
  • Visits to Dowsing Sites, local and far.
  • Energy lines which run the length and breadth of the UK
  • Water dowsing
  • Sharing our Experiences
  • Crystal communication & Guest Speakers

Our Members give talks on the many aspects of Dowsing to all manner of groups and we run research projects.

In a nutshell we learn about environmental issues locally, globally and historically

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