Rory Duff who has been dowsing Dragon lines for a number of years and is based at Bristol dowsers has sent out a statement which aligns with what the Wayfinder Wizards have been saying for the last forty years or so, Dragons are important for our health and well being, enjoy Rory’s clarion call.

Many people around the World are sensing something different is happening to them. Social media groups like ‘The Event is happening’ are accumulating thousands of followers. Some people are sensing lies more easily and others are even feeling other people’s pain. These all seem to have coincided with a change in the Earth’s energy lines. Since the summer of 2017 the lines have started to get wider. Since January 2018 new galactic energies/ cosmic energies have been getting past our three reducing magnetic shields (The Earths, the Sun’s and the Local Cloud in which our solar system has been moving through). These new incoming energies have led to a new pair of Emperor Dragon Type 5 energy lines appearing on the surface of the Earth. Predictive dowsing suggests that two more pairs are due in 2019. This will give us a total of six pairs of the most powerful of Dragon lines. With the three magnetic shields reducing in strength, research has shown that the increase in cosmic energy is leading to changes to our DNA. These energies are also interacting with the Sun and the Earth’s Iron Nickel inner core which then, in turn, sends out spherical standing waves of very low frequency sound waves. It is this that is driving the increasing widths of these energy lines that we are dowsing on the surface.

We know that living on these energy lines can affect us both in positive and negative ways, depending on our own attitude, and we also know that their intersections can be places of great power but now it seems that they are also connected to what some are calling the coming Golden Age.

All around the World we find the similar and predominant symbolism of large Snakes, Serpents and Dragons compared to all other animals. The Ouroborus, the Snake that has its tail in its mouth, is found symbolised across cultures and countries. Samples can be found in South America, China, Scandinavia, Egypt, India and Europe.

Having looked at the myths and legends that go with these particular symbols it become easy to see their connection to the large earth energy lines that circle our planet.

This similarity is also included in some of the well-known prophecies. The Q’ero Inca prophecy talks of galactic energy that emanates across space towards the Earth. It talks of 12 Malku, or Energy workers, that will have all arrived back on Earth, having come though portals or gateways, just before the new Age begins. The Hopi Indian blue Kachina prophecy talks about the new Age beginning seven years after the twins have reappeared on the Earth. The twins are known as the God of the North Pole and the South Pole. The new pair of Emperor Dragon lines that reappeared run from the North to the South Pole and on closer inspection of the prophecy, they could well represent the twins. If this is right we are now in a seven year transition zone.

Even the more recent prophecies seem to mirror this connection between snakes and earth energies and the coming new age. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the great German writer, statesman and philosopher, wrote a Fairy tale called the Green Snake and the beautiful Lily. A new interpretation of this story shows that the Green Snake is the only one that knows when the prophecy is going to happen. In the story the snake too slides into an Ouroborus shape and is quite clearly a symbol for these energies.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Steiner Schools and Anthroposophy, spent many years trying to understand Goethe’s fairy story. He too recognised that a new Epoch was coming and that the Earth’s environment would change again. He went on to say that it would give us the chance again to evolve our consciousness. He talked of a return to a form of Group Soulness. During the last few thousand years we have been experiencing a form of Individual Soulness. This time around Steiner says we are better positioned to take advantage of what is coming.

There now appears to be a cyclical nature with the galactic energies getting through to the Earth. Over large timescales the Earth seems to be passing in and out of magnetic regions of Space like the Local Cloud. Now knowing the DNA changing effect that an increase in cosmic energies has on humans, we can perhaps see how Steiner’s different and changing evolutionary Epoch’s could fit with the shielding and non-shielding effect of passing through different regions of magnetic fields in space. A group Soulness, according to Rudolf Steiner, would bring back a group mentality where telepathy and clairvoyance were common place. That may seem great but it appears we would also feel each other’s fears and pain as well.

The question now though is what we should do. For that we can look to see what the Earth Energy lines have been teaching us over the last few years.

When mapping lines it became apparent that some of the lines had been moved in the past. It was re-discovered by the well-known dowser Hamish Miller that lines could be moved again. This has resulted in understanding what good looks like when the lines are moved to where they wanted to be.

This has led to realising that what is important are the intersections and the numbers and types of lines that meet at these places, which are called nodes. These sacred places, or energy intersections, are dynamic in that the energy they contain varies constantly in direction, shape and form. What is really significant though is that they can take on a symmetrical shape. When this happens, or when nodes are repaired so that this is the outcome, we find specific energy shapes occurring just four times a year.

It is these four occasions, whilst on their sacred sites, that our ancestors back in the Stone Age, and even in some places the Bronze Age, spent time together in group meditation.

The energies on these occasions seem to provide an environment that benefits the human mind and body in many different ways. In many of the prophecies we are told to gather and pray or meditate if we are to benefit and evolve our consciousness.

For these reasons it is now thought that we must all pray or meditate in groups again in the lead up to the new Age which now appears to be less than 7 years away if the Hopi Indians have their numbers right.

Waverley Dowsers have their own Dragons flowing through the Unitarian hall, so any activity around meditation, Prayer or other heartfelt activities such as Singing or Yoga are hugely beneficial to the Dragons and the Planet and these beautiful heartfelt thoughts will be carried around the globe. Rory will be speaking in January in Bristol on Earth Energies, Leylines and Nodes and more of Rory’s research can be found at his website

Waverley dowsers who have been dowsing Dragon lines at Churches and ancient sacred sites understand the need for Dragons to be highly considered and agree with Rory to connect with Dragons as much as possible.

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