The human body contains upwards of 70 TRILLION cells, depending on who’s estimation you are likely to read, the estimated number goes up each year as science improves. There are also many billions of non-native cells in the human body in our intestines, on our skin and in every orifice you care to point at.

Each and every cell respires and excretes waste and each cell also requires energy. All human cells when healthy have an electrical voltage of approx. 22 -25 electron volts (negative electric) which is a very tiny amount of electricity, if the cell has too much electricity or not enough the cell and the organ can become unhealthy. Normally the body regulates the voltage in each cell but if your diet is too acid, or too alkaline then the body can struggle to keep an equilibrium of healthy bio-energy in the body.

You can dowse your health by asking the appropriate questions.

  1. Does my body contain too much negative electricity ? (if the answer is yes, then reduce the alkaline foods in your diet)
  2. Does my body contain too much positive electricity ? (if the answer is yes, reduce the acidic foods in your diet)
  3. You can also ask these questions in relation to a painful part of your joints, as it has been suggested that arthritis is related to too much positive volts in the area of the painful joint

Other quick ways to balance the body is to find ways to allow the body to dump or discharge the excess electricity, this can be done by walking barefoot outside on grass or even better on a sandy beach for 30 minutes or so and the body will discharge through the soles of the feet, you can feel yourself getting more balanced almost immediately you try this.

There are technology tricks available that will do a similar task of discharging excess electricity from the body.

  1. You can purchase bed mats that plug into the wall socket, these you would sleep on and the body will discharge through the bed mat while asleep, the electricity will earth through the lead and plug.
  2. You can drink lots of water or electrolytic liquids like coconut water, but these methods can also deplete you of essential minerals, so be careful.

There is a forum at which welcomes allcomers from around the world to post their dowsing experiences, if you can add to this discussion please visit and join in.

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