There have been some changes made to the British society of Dowsers spring symposium, to understand all the changes made, please visit the BSD website for the latest updates:

Starting on monday the 8th April we have the Sun and Moon Easter festival, this year there will be three different dowsers attending and each providing three ninety minute workshops over the course of the week. Waverley dowsers will have two trainers at the Sun and Moon festival with Geoff and Ken both providing individual class’s along with Jane Gambrill who will have her own itinerary for teaching her specialist subject. To check out this festival which is being held in Tidworth see the link below, there will be over twelve hours of dowsing beeing taught and we plan to make an excursion from the festival to one of the nearby ancient sites, Tidworth is not far from Stone Henge, Figsbury and Old Sarum Henges have been mentioned as well as Avebury Henge so plenty of sites to visit over the course of the week. please follow the link below to see the full programme:

and don’t forget if you are going to any ancient sites for dowsing, take plenty of photos and if you wish we can add them to the Waverley dowsers Youtube channel along with a little write up.

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