Considering that Avebury is a hours drive for most of the Waverley dowsers and in one case nearly 2 hours, it was a fantastic turnout with over a dozen members making their own way to this most ancient of Spiritual monuments. After a gathering and a coffee while waiting for the final personel, we started at the very location inside the outer stone circle of the Henge which graces the Waverly dowsers front page of the website. There are multiple energies communicating at this location and you could be there for many hours documenting the different types and patterns.
Waverley dowsers members visited Avebury on a previous occasion with the BSD SI group of Earth Energies, you can read that here

After spending some fifty minutes at this location following thr spiral patterns and discovering the stones communications with those multiple patterns, the group moved on to the what has been termed by modern users as ‘The Cove’ two large stones (male and female) that today stand alone like lovers in a tiff, together, but not quite as there energies connect to each other and the third stone still standing from an original stone circle no long gone.

Then the group moved on to the next segment of the site and had a picnic on top of the embankment before descending and joining the male Dragon line though the ancient gate of the outer circle and in to what is another inner stone circle which has long been wrongly re-sited. Fun was had here and several members took healing from the male Dragon. Although it wasn’t the only member who encountered a tearful release on the day.

After a quick pit stop at the pub, the group split up to indulge in separate fantasys of ice cream, beer .. oops, I mean engagment with the Avenue and the writhing serpent path of the male Dragon line while also getting thier energies massage by the stones, the second group went to discover West Kennet long barrow and impressive as it is, neither fullfilled the desires of another group who wandered to find the female Dragon of the famed Mary line and engage with her.

A great day out with several catching the Sun at this world famous Serpent Henge.

Below is a great montage of the most popular aspects of Avebury henge and its Sacred environment.

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