This is an outside visit for us at Waverley dowsers, to have a look at what can be found at a Church site. Not only is this good practise for your dowsing, but it can be excellent for dowsers who want to enquire further. Note that although it was built to be consecrated in 1902, relatively modern, it has a South placed tower and spire and is as about as far away from an East-West orientation one could get and still call it that… why? General info… and view it on Google Earth, OS maps etc.

The Church is on the A286 (West side) just above Haslemere (2.5KM SW). Opposite the Church is the Village Hall and we hope we shall be able to use their extensive car park. Just above the Church is a footpath to what is described as a moat (1KM). This is reported as supporting a farmhouse once, but is now a flat area surrounded by a stream-fed moat with some trees and a bridge over the moat water. I wonder what you might find here? There are other features in the area, but it will all depend how the time goes. Bring appropriate footwear and your favourite tools… we have spares if needed.

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