Michael Haxeltine, now in his eighties is trying to reintroduce Dowsing/Radiesthesia into all arms HM forces and at the same time recognising the high tech advancements the armed forces work with.

Royal Engineers could make use of an innovative use of the modified Bovis Units Scale/ Gigahertz  for assessing quantity of beneficial/harmful effect in the military context.

Michael recently gave a presentation to a group of Royal Engineers’ which went down well, the audience was particularly interested in understanding the history of dowsing used by the Royal Engineers in the 1930 and onwards and the trials undertaken by Colonel Bell

He told me he is trawling for opportunities, in all arms of the armed forces in the UK to give presentations as steps towards reintroducing this mysterious science into the HMF. The subject was taught to royal engineers Officers in the 1960’s who on completion of dowsing training had their service record endorsed as “having the knowledge”.

He has spent time searching for any resemblance of a syllabus from the 60s. In the absence of an MoD approved dowsing syllabus he has developed a syllabus; on his own for use by the UK armed forces.

However if you might have used “ the Knowledge” and can further guide him as to the content of this earlier syllabus, please contact  mikehaxeltine@gmail.com

I asked him why he is so keen on his self set task. He simply said “ this is to save future fiscal issues and reducing an expenditure on wreaths” a phrase he used in 2005 in a military association journal. That dates the start of his quest.

He said that the recent body search in Germany could have been enhanced by a dowsing search using Colonel Bell’s initiative from the early 30’s when he was  a founder member of the British Society of Dowsers.

He spoke briefly about Colonel Bell RE and his pioneering work on distant “map” dowsing where it is possible to search from a map in the UK for a lost object hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Michael demonstrated to the royal engineers how to complete a dowsing search for something in the southern hemisphere from the UK. Michael encouraged us to use positive map dowsing skills to locate two unsolved murders – historic dowsing and for current location to find where he lived. Michael added that information could be dowsed from a photograph.

He said using the same skills it ought to be possible to plot the edges of a mine field and find terrorist “safe Houses”.

He briefly mentioned how “watchers” could influence the the outcome of experiments. Heisenberg discovered this in the early 40’s.

At this stage of his presentation most of the on lookers were starting to realise that the subject was not a micky mouse presentation. It helped when a Member of Staff (RE) recalled finding by rod dowsing a 500 lb bomb.

In order to show the need for the mind to focus and not be diverted by the sub conscious he tasked the group  to find a mills bomb on someone in their midst. In addition he showed us all how to search for hidden objects by combination of finger pointing and pendulum dowsing. He gave us very little time to complete the task  which forced us to not allow the sub conscious to negate our dowsing.

I am indebted to Geoff Mitchell current Chair of Waverley Dowsers – for reducing the original scale card


Of the many subject areas he covered one was the application of a Gigahertz scale to evaluate and compare a range of functions. This is an example of the scale he was pioneering which is used in connection with directional/search mode dowsing.

A task which some of the Group rose to was to evaluate three drafts for the lecture he was giving.   The method was to directional dowse over the Scale above and ask the question before the presentation.

The Method is to give a little momentum to the pendulum and allow it to swing to and fro over the scale.

Then ask the dowsing question “what is the energy level of this object” – It will then oscillate over the Scale and quite quickly hover and settle on a graduation. That is your response.

He added the following points concerning the use of the scale – measuring vulnerability prior to doing a security sweep – halting a patrol before they got to within range of an IED by dowsing scanning or map dowsing.

Dowsing or the French term Radiesthesia is achieved by the operator picking up spirals of energy either given off or taken in. The spirals constitute a signature which are taken in by the dowsers brain, then, un-scrambled by the brain to create useable information. The energy is subtle energy and is in a spectrum of energy yet to be defined in lay terms.

If you would like Michael to demonstrate possible diverse: including dowsing gardening applications to your Group please contact Michael on the above e mail address.  End

Michael Haxeltine has a service background and trained horticulture

He has self published three books with one in French relating to dowsing and public policy  and another on trees and public health policy in relation to subtle energies.  His Bovis book which has some military relevance can be viewed on academia.edu He has been a Civilian Instructor  with the Gordon’s School CCF for over 21 years.


For further free downloads provided by Michael and Waverley dowsers, please follow the links below:

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