The best news in British dowsing for many a year has just been announced with the re-creation of what was once known as the BSD Dowsing forum has been spun out of the BSD website and set up once again for Dowsers world wide to participate in. The British Dowsing Forum as it is now known includes all the original content and discussions going back to 2004 and is a massive resource for the Dowsing fraternity. Pretty much every subject has been discussed and advice given although we know that dowsing does not stand still as new information, skills and discovery’s become known by each successive generation of dowsers.

This new website resource also contains the Earth Energies Group archives of letters which in itself is an in-valuable resource and introduces renowned dowsers to us all along with some great information.

Do visit this new website, add it to your book marks/favourites and sign up to the forum to add your contributions and share with your dowsing friends.

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