John will be providing a simple guide into Radionics and how it works.
“Energy is neither created or destroyed but infinite and universal. By tapping into this and the use of one’s natural intuition or sensation, it is possible to achieve healing, only dependent on the individual ability to respond”
John will demonstrate a simple method of pendulum dowsing to determine an answer that anyone should be able to use.

Radionics is a Science based use of Dowsing and the use of subtle energies in healing and forewarning. While mainly used for dignostic purposes of pretty much anything, it can even takes dowsing one step further by providing machines designed to do the diagnostic dowsing for you. Radionics has a history of inventive and discovery through the use of experiments which exclude the human element and can provide consistent results.

Investigate Radionics here

John F Donaldosn will be at waverley Dowsers on the 12/11/2021, the doors will be open from 7pm and the talk will begin at 7.30pm, there will be a break before John will be available for a Q&A session. Please bring your own refreshments as the kitchan is not available at the moment.

Venue – Unitarian Hall Meadrow Godalming Surrey. GU7 3JB
(Opposite the Texaco Garage on the A3100 towards Godalming, nr Guildford) Wheelchair friendly

If you have any questions please contact the Chairman Geoffrey Mitchell on 01276 472977

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