International Dowsing Day will be upon us shortly on 5th May. But it appears that much will be made of the weekend 2nd and 3rd May, if the chance is found.    I’m not a great one for making a special day for celebration; except that it probably does get “the word” mentioned more widely.    Every day is Dowsing Day!?

As Chair, I’m conscious of wishing everyone, in our Waverley and Dowsing circles, a safe journey through this virus crisis.   Any time is a good excuse to chat to each other about this and that, and about our own dowsing, so if you haven’t done so already, do try and connect with each other and say what you think, and what you have found.    This crisis has created a period of enforced rest on us all and even though this will be an anxiety for some, due, say, to loss of income and the like, it should be viewed as a message for us; at all levels.  

What sort of message/ meaning are you getting from your asking of simple questions?   The fundamental is that you know how to “ask”… then comes the creation of balance in your mind when “asking”, i.e. no “axe to grind” and the calmness to accept YES or NO answers with equality.   If you feel that you are still uneasy then go for permissions.  The may I, should I and can I, should be seen as confidence boosters and not as plain nagging for you to be careful.   If you do get a NO then do ask if protection is needed and if you get YES to that, then ask if a protection technique, that you know of, will enable you to continue.

If so, then implement your protection and ask for permissions again.   The whole principle of dowsing manifestation works very well if you are calm and confident.   If you keep getting a NO then change the question and try again… or “try again later”!.    Play the Devil’s advocate with yourself until you feel that you are “ready” to ask.    Having said that (like you will then get perfect answers), you must realise that there is always room for error.   This is of less importance than the effort and feeling that you respectively insert and extract from the practice of “asking”.   We can all “play” the piano, but before we become “competent” we need to play our scales over and over (I didn’t like doing my scales and gave up, but I can still make a noise).

All I can say to encourage you is that Spirit will slowly ease off giving you a hard time, once you know what you are addressing and that they can trust you.   Spirit loves us all and will not let us “fall”; unless we ask for such! Most importantly you should approach it all as fun.   This lightness of touch will confound any negativity.  Privately, tell each other what you may care to have predicted, and keep a note of how it turns out.   To prevent paradox, one must see the future as “not written yet”.   If anything changes significantly, between now and the predicted event, then the outcome may be significantly different.    This might explain why Oracles never gave answers in an unambiguous form? 

Note well; that you must practice the experience of being proved correct.   This is quite shocking and leads to “thoughts of grandeur”, which will give your ego a jolt.   The only way to overcome this, and stay humble, is to keep doing it until you ego doesn’t even flicker.    Plus, I must recommend that you ask yourself “why do I want to know”?  If the answer is “for training purposes” then carry on, otherwise analyse where you are taking a particular line of questioning.

The important bit is to never “beat yourself up”; everything that you do is for a purpose and however it turns out it is a lesson to be learnt; don’t dump your common sense.   Keep a lookout for events around you that maybe coincidental or odd/ unusual….  If you do notice these then you just ask “was that for me?”.   Most of the time you get a NO, but when you do get a YES then have a little drill down and see how far you get.   If this gets a little “hairy” then don’t forget the confidence boosters above!

When the Government says we can all go out to play again, we will get back on track with our regular Friday meetings (and an AGM).  Hopefully we might get a warm evening outside… before it gets cold again?   A weekend version… maybe a visit to Glastonbury?

If being stuck indoors is getting a little “twitchy” for you, then try some map dowsing or finding what is present in your own house or garden?    If you are stuck for answers on how to find or proceed, or you have questions about what we do, then send me an email and let’s chat about it;  …   I’m not going anywhere!   Remember that if you want to “progress” then it is up to you to do the “finding”.   No one is pushing you to be “progressive”.  Whatever you feel is right is correct for you. If I think you are trying to “move on” I will give you encouragement.   I’m always trying to move on myself and I’m grateful that you might help me do so too.

You can catch up and have some joy with the Waverley Dowsers Youtube channel for some great videos of the visiter talks and sites we have been too, (don’t forget to read the text with each video as they complete the story)

Love and light and have fun,


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