March 13th (wednesday evening 7.30 at the Unitarian Hall)

Richard Nissen will discuss Energy Lines in Gothic cathedrals.   He proposes that these ancient structures were intentionally located on sacred sites to foster a profound connection with the universe.   We will look at the extraordinary Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey, the historic location, where the King was crowned, which holds a significant secret.  Positioned at the heart of the Abbey, it serves as the convergence point for two immensely potent energy lines.  Richard is a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation and a member of their animal navigation group (ANG). He attends their animal navigation conferences.   He is a dowser and a member of the British Society of Dowsers.

April 12th (normal friday evening 7.30)

Our AGM to elect the management team. (Why not visit a Committee Meeting and get an inside view? It could be seen as a way to increase your depth of knowledge in dowsing by also discussing and having a go; proposing events and visits).

Afterwards: a talk by Dee McNamara she will also describe how she uses Tarot Cards with help from her spiritual guides. Dee will display a set of her Tarot cards. After that she will ask interested people to think of something “on their mind” and then take one of the Tarot cards of their choice. She will then do a reading for all those that have taken a card (if they so want). If anyone wants to take a reading further (more advanced) just get dee to check her diary!

May 10th (normal friday evening 7.30)

Jackie Shellard will be talking on Spiritualism. Jackie says: “I don’t have an official profile or page as I have never felt the need. I am just me, a Wife, Mother, Nana, Auntie, Sister, Granddaughter, friend, carer. I have lived a life, like everyone else, that was filled with love and punctuated by sadness, trials and tribulations. All these things have taken me on a journey that led me to walk through the doors of a Spiritualist church 14 yrs ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect or why I was there, I have continued my journey, but now I recognise, realise and have started to understand all I have experienced, things that have happened …that I wasn’t mad but connected to spirit”.

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