June 9th We shall be visiting Guildford Cathedral GU2 7UP (locating the Dragon lines that it was built upon).   We are meeting at 19.00 around the wooden cross at the Eastern end of the Cathedral, but turn up at any time and find us.  The carpark is on the North side.  This is an external investigation and if convenient to the authorities we may be able to visit the interior too.  The views are good and these may be important to what we are finding.  Bring your own tools, but we can supply them too so that you can join in the fun, bring a friend and introduce them to the world of the Invisible Universe.

We are a varied group of interested parties with a wide range of abilities.  We advertise locally, but rely on word of mouth and curiosity to attract our visitors.  Membership is £15pa and if we are incurring expenses at an event we charge £5 for members and £8 for non-members. We run a free book borrowing library, supply free “tools” and a Committee approves and runs all of the events.  We also latch onto various Zoom meetings, run by other such Groups, from around the Country.  For details please contact:

Geoff Mitchell  Chair/ Sec.  07770 89 89 09       geoffcmitchell@gmail.com    www.waverleydowsers.co.uk

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